Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sick. again.

So it appears I cannot manage be healthy. After last week's sickness (and my Sunday sleepover during which I only got 5 hours of sleep) I seem to have gotten what I had last week all over again, but worse this time. I went to bed early on Monday, only to toss and turn all night with a slight fever and almost pass out when I tried to get up for class on Tuesday morning. I was slightly hysterical but my mother and roommate managed to make me get a health services appointment for later that afternoon. So I skipped my early class and went back to bed, but made myself get up for Russian (and didn't get anything to eat before - worst decision ever! I was sitting through class miserably and hungry, and didn't get anything to eat until noon). Verdict of the appointment - bad cold.

The good news is that an old friend of my mother's has told her many times that she would be willing to take me in whenever I wanted. After my appointment (while skipping yet another class - I'm starting to feel bad about it, especially since I missed one today too) I took a taxi to her office and she took me to her house. I stayed there last night and am spending the night tonight also, and she is taking me back to Georgetown tomorrow morning. 

It's been so nice to be away from the dorm and in a house! Last night I went to bed at 9 (I know! 9 o'clock?!) and didn't get up until 10. I took a bath, ate soup and ice cream, and have been reading and doing my homework in a room by myself and away from distractions and stresses. Sadly, I've been in leggings and large tshirts while doing this, so no pictures until possibly tomorrow (we shall see if I feel like putting on real pants ^^) or Friday. All of my professors - not to mention the family I babysit for, as I am missing not only last night but tonight also - have been really understanding, and I hope that when I return to school tomorrow I will be (almost) healthy again. It's difficult enough being sick, but to be away from your family and forced to deal with it on your own is really difficult, you know? As my mom's friend put it "Your mother may have sent you cough drops, but it doesn't help if she's not there to put them in your mouth for you" - it's been nice to have someone take care of me for the last few days

Enough of my complaining and tangents without photos. Hope you have all been staying healthy, hope to have a real post for you soon :)


  1. Ughhhh. I've had the same cold for 3 weeks now, so I understand.

    Thanks for your comment, and feel better soon!!

  2. aaawww i hope you feel better, thanks for your comment

  3. thx for stopping by to my blog..
    hope you will get well soon.. :)

  4. Hope you get better soon :)!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ^^

  5. don't tell me!! I just recovered from a tremendous flu :S

    Cute blog I follow you ;)

  6. Thanks a lot for your comment.
    I haven't really understood everything that you've written (I'm spanish) but I'll pass often to see other posts ;)
    I hope you get better from your cold soon :)

  7. I hope you feel better soon!!! It's just that time of year lol


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