Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD: Sick Chic?

At least I hope so. I am still feeling quite sick (to add to my battery of illnesses, I received a call from the health center this morning saying that my throat culture - taken last Tuesday, mind you - is positive for some sort of bacterial infection-strep-ish thing), so I wanted to be comfortable but at least presentable enough for an outfit post. Enter the cardigan my dad bought me! It's huge, it's comfortable, I love it. Here are a few self-timer photos (sorry, hopefully we can at least get back to the stairwell soon ^^)

byCORPUS cardigan
hanes tshirt
gap leggings
aldo boots

I was originally wearing moccasins, but its a bit chilly today so I threw on these boots. They are basically the same color as my leggings, and though I originally found that weird I actually don't mind it now! I kind of like the monochromatic-ness

I wanted to show you all a close-up of my face, not because it is overwhelmingly attractive or anything but because my eyes are white again! After about half a week of bloodshot, druggie-resembling pink eyes, I was so excited that they eye drops are working! Thankfully I haven't worn any makeup in the past week, otherwise I would have had to throw it away as contaminated - thank goodness for my laziness while sick :)

So to be honest, today hasn't been the best day. Although I did get breakfast and a cupcake with Nicole this morning (which I really missed, so I appreciated it), I am just sooo sick of being sick, you know? I had to go pick up my newest prescription for this strep, and I was just so overwhelmed with everything I had to do now that I'm back, and the feeling that nothing will never go back to normal. I know it will, and I know that I just need some more sleep (lack of sleep makes me more melodramatic and stressed out than usual ^^), but it's just hard. Part of me wants to just get back into my routine, part of me wants to go home and crawl into my own bed (which I thankfully will get to do in a little more than two weeks. I can't wait.), but all of me just wants to be healthy again. It's been a hard two weeks.

On that happy note, I should probably end this post and go study for my econ midterm. Considering the amount of class and recitation that I've skipped in the last few weeks, it would probably be a good idea to do some reviewing. Have a lovely evening, send good vibes to Washington :)


  1. Awww girlll so sorry you're sick! Miss you hope you get better and see you in a month or so!

    The Haute Road

  2. Get well soon gorgeous, your glasses are lush. :)

  3. oh I hope you are already feeling better .... Anyway you look stunning in these pictures!!



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