Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Need Different Titles

Ok, so I'm tired of coming up with a quick way of describing of my outfit to title my "OOTD" posts. They are all outfit posts, with the rare exceptions of new purchases or random asides. So, I need to come up with another creative way to title my posts. Ideas? I'm sure I can come up with something....

old navy cardigan
gap tshirt
old navy skirt
hue tights
minnetonka moccasins 

I mean seriously, I was trying to come up with a title and all I had was - black... tan.... tights... stripes... These are just random describers! Not fun at all. Oh well, something will come. 

It was a lovely day. Around 60 degrees, but toss a north face over this and it was perfect! Except my north face is white and sheds little fuzzies that are really obvious on any dark-colored clothing - kind of an issue considering how much black and navy I wear. I forgot. Oh well.

So my room looks really messy in the second photo. That's because it is. Kind of stressful, but I've been in and out all during the last week, and just kind of throwing things around. I have travel mugs filled with tea, wrappers (candy and cough drops ^^), random medicines, book bags and overnight bags... basically its a bit of a scary mess. I'm slowly getting through it, but it takes time, which I haven't had that much of. Ugh.

I have a backpack now! I had rebelled against the idea of a backpack in college initially, I just really wanted a little bookbag and to leave backpacks behind. The thing is, bookbags are just so inconvenient if you have any more than one book! Trying to take books for two classes and your laptop to the library? Highly painful! Trying to take all your homework with you on a weekend trip and are trekking around on the metro? Such an issue. So, I gave in and my dad and I found a backpack at Macys. We looked all around for an office supplies store, couldn't find one and just tried there on a whim. We found it (at a surprisingly good deal), turned the corner and saw a Staples. Such is life. It all worked out :)

I had my second econ midterm today, hope it worked out ok! I don't think it was as good as my last one, but it was manageable. Probably didn't study as much as I should have, considering that the whole time I was in Maryland recovering I couldn't make myself do anything productive. Did I say that I watched 19 episodes of Gossip Girl during those 2 days? Well, I did. It was a pretty constant stream of season 2. It was kind of amazing. 

I'm super tired. And it's only 11:30, so probably it will be loud here for a while yet. I will just take my nyquil and sleep until 9 or so tomorrow morning. Sound good to you? Sounds amazing to me. I am feeling a lot better, but I am still really, really tired most of the time. After-affect of all my sicknesses I suppose. Regardless, get a good night's sleep everyone! It really is necessary for good health. Trust me I know :)

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