Wednesday, October 12, 2011

outfit details

I was going to post things from New York, but then I really liked today's outfit so I wanted to post that instead. But of course, being me, I didn't get anyone to take photos of my outfit! So instead of an actual outfit post, you get details, snippets, shall we say, of what I normally post. Here we go

J. Crew sweater: Perfect weight for a fall day in the 60's - you may wonder why I need to wear a sweater when it's in the 60's? Because for Georgetown, fall seems to mean wind that could sweep you off your feet (and will turn your umbrella inside out) and very, very cold rain.  

J Brand cords: Gotta love green pants. Except for when it's raining and now you can't wear your rainboots since they are a conflicting shade of green... But did I change? Of course not. Wear the flats and suck it up (and avoid the largest of the puddles)

Well you get to see one of my New York purchases! This pendant is a little cheapie from the streetfair Beth and I perused Sunday afternoon. I just stuck it on the chain of one of my vintage pieces, and voila! This is the second day straight I've worn it... and I don't wear things two days in a row. It just goes with everything.

J. Crew flats: Still trying to break these in. Got to be honest, J. Crew's flats are absolutely adorable, but cut a little on the toe, at least at first. But it's getting better, and who could resist this little zipper detail? 

Well, this was probably an extremely boring post for all of you... But I just wanted to show my outfit off, and this may be the best only way to do it when you are stuck in a fluorescent-lighted room by yourself. Now I would like to bore you with more details of my life, but I have an exam to study for. Yay for International Finance... Good night all!


  1. Girllllllll just do what I do and take ghetto grungy photos in a mirror with the iPhone! It works fine. Love those pants - was with you when you got them! and like 22 days til DC woot

    The Girl in College

  2. love your necklace!
    kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

  3. Awsome pants, I've awarded you the 'Tell Me About Yourself Award' check this post for more info,

  4. hey girl, i just wanna say your sense of style is AWESOME. I totally am loving your blog, its like my new fav <3


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