Sunday, October 9, 2011

new york, take 1

I'm in New York everyone! So excuse my lack of posting, but Fordham's internet doesn't like me - we've had to be quite creative to get me both Internet and my photos... Regardless, here is the first post of too many to come, just my outfit from last night when Beth and I went out to dinner and for my (second?) cupcake of the day...

topshop necklace
thrifted sweater
forever 21 skirt
h&m flats
banana republic trench (bottom photos) 

When I picked this sweater up while mom and I were in Minneapolis at "My Sister's Closet" she told me it would look ridiculous. And I said, no, I bet you that it will look awesome on... and it does! Can you get better than shoulderpads and sequins? Did I just say that? Regardless... I feel like it's a bit too crazy for the preppy world that is Georgetown, so I couldn't wait to pull it out in the craziness that is NYC. As I've seen, anything goes

Sorry for the blurriness! Such can be the issue of night photos. We're in Lincoln Center here, you can see the fountain that Beth made me climb on in the back left (I got in trouble, in case you're wondering. Thanks Beth). 

It's my trench coat! I feel like I vaguely referred to it a few months ago when I got it, saying that I would devote a post to its amazingness, and while I regret not doing that, I feel like it's finally time for it to be introduced. This coat alone makes all the trials of my work at Old Navy worthwhile. The good thing about working at Old Navy is that you get discounts at all their offshoots, including Banana Republic - yes please...

More posts to come, I'll show off the scenery, the food, the new purchases! Breaking the shopping ban = best decision ever. Have a lovely long weekend!


  1. it's cold there and i'm so jealous.
    not fair!
    you look great. love the polka dot sweater!

    xo kaitlin

  2. Lucky !
    I love the skirt.

  3. I love your sweater and trench. Great outfit.



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