Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Long-Awaited Return

My friend Jenny just arrived back in Minnesota after spending 3 months in Ohio working at an amusement park! She got home earlier this evening, and came over to see me (sadly, she leaves in 3 days for college, so we don't have much time). I just loved the outfit that she put together, so I took a photo -

We have the same shirt! We bought it at the same time too, so we can't say its an accident (mine shrunk in the dryer though, so it needs to be worn over a tank top now :(  We actually own a lot of the same clothing - probs from our mutual love of Martin & Osa, which has sadly closed now. It's owned by American Eagle, and they shut it down to make a kid's store. Gross.

macy's necklace
uo (kimchi blue?) top
martin&osa shorts

The denim cutoffs and simple pendant necklace are low-key, while the lacy top dresses up the outfit (and shows a little skin!) in a fun way. Its a lovely day-to-day combination.

We have always shared a love of fashion, so it's fun to have her back, if only for a few days. She was exhausted from traveling, so it was lovely of her to let me take a few photos ^^ 

Who knows, maybe you will see more of her before her last days in MN are gone! 


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