Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my outfit today

Creative title, huh? Kind of like the posts I've been putting up these last few days... oh wait, I haven't blogged for over a week! Such a fail... Sooo I've been up at my cabin for Memorial Day Weekend, doing lots of pilates and yoga (my new love - thanks Natalie ^^) and filling out mountains of job applications. Yet getting nowhere on that front... we'll save that rant for another day :)

 jcrew sweater
martin&osa shorts

Sorry for the awk lighting and kind of far-awayness of these photos... Natalie just really wasn't feeling like taking photos tonight, plus my camera had about 2 minutes of charge and died mid-photo. So these were what I had (plus some really awkward photos with worse lighting in a different room. not happening)

 On a random not-fashiony note, I loveeee the wallpaper in our dining room! I feel like if I ever get my own house/apartment (which is doubtful, since apparently being in the top 10% or so of your class at Georgetown doesn't qualify you to work at a Noodles&Company? Sorry, said I wouldn't rant about that...) I would decorate it with wallpaper like this.

More randomness - my cousin Caitlin is in town for the week, and she and Natalie decided to do a little baking. They made these little dough balls, then decided to actually bake them (silly - all cookie dough is better raw) so they added some chocolate and butter and here they are! They are actually fairly healthy (for cookies that is) with flax seed and such in them. Being home is making me want to be more healthy, make up for these past few months of sedentary-beingness... plus, with my sister being basically a health monster, it's hard not to at least try. So my mom and I are following all these food blogs, and we just went out to Whole Foods to buy various health-nut ingredients like weird flours and milks from things other than cows, and I'm actually pretty excited! Going to start tomorrow morning, make myself some extra-healthy breakfast. Wish me luck :)

On a fashion note (probably the only one in this post?) I have new purchases to show off! Probably I'll put up some other posts, but I'm pretty excited... For one, I found an Equipment shirt at Off Saks last week for about $20 - and it's amazing. And I got some adorable new jewelry at the flea market up at the cabin this weekend. I'd say I did pretty well for myself :) So look forward to that, perhaps I will actually post again? 
Have a lovely Wednesday evening :)

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