Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer has arrived?

I'm really skeptical about saying this (knock on wood), but it's supposed to be actually warm and sunny for the rest of the week and I'm excited! It only took the whole of June, but it's finally warm. Mom, Natalie and I went on walks outside, ate an outdoor lunch with my Aunt Susan, and we had dinner on the porch. Altogether a lovely day :)

rebecca taylor tank
zara skirt
born sandals

Sooo, my photos aren't as cute today as they were yesterday (as I'm sure you can all tell). I could blame it on my mother, who took photos today instead of Natalie, but that wouldn't be fair. There are days when you just aren't photogenic, you know? Those are the days when you just shouldn't be taking photos of yourself - not really ideal when you have a blog though :)

Ignore my chipped nail polish. Ugh. So I found these sandals up in the closet where a bunch of my stuff got shoved after I left for college, and I kind of like them! When I first saw them I wasn't sure if I thought they were cute, or old-ladyish. But after some careful reflection (more like lots of time staring at myself in the mirror) I have decided I like them! And most importantly, they are "supportive" (my favorite word you know...)

Cute little bow on my shirt - this one is another discovery from the upstairs closet. Jenny gave it to me years ago and, to be honest, it had too many frills on it for my taste. So, I cut a few tassels and such off, then gave it a try, and I quite like it now!

So tomorrow is a crazy busy day for me! I have the dentist, a foot doctor appointment (just a check-up, so wish me luck. Today was the 5-month anniversary of the injury, so you'd think all would be well), an internship interview (once again, some positive vibes would be appreciated ^^) pilates, then my sister's choir's Bon Voyage concert! As I'm sure you remember, her choir (my old one from high school) is going to Australia this summer - sooo jealous. But I still haven't seen them in concert since I left, so even though I have pilates until 7 (a.k.a. when the concert starts), I'm going to rush over to see them! Should be a fun day, mom and I are hoping to sneak in a lunch at Patricks between the doctor and my interview (he has the absolute best desserts). That's about all for the evening, and as my mother is most likely frosting the cake she baked as we speak, I'm going downstairs! Good night :)


  1. great outfit, it's so summery and pretty!

  2. It seems like your really in love to blue colors:) Lovely outfit! enjoy your summer!

  3. Thanks so much :) As I see you also have a love for details. I adore your outfit here, it's so cute and romantic :)


  4. Lovely outfit!
    The shirt is so cute!

  5. Ew, the dentist. I don't like my dentist. He talks really silent and I can't ever understand him, which makes him even more scary 'cause i never know what he's going to do to me, ha! x

  6. Adorable! Just love your shirt. Very classic look. :) x


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