Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oh minnesota weather

So it was approximately a bajillion degrees today... well, to be more accurate, about 100. Still. That's pretty hot, especially by Minnesota standards. We're made to withstand extreme cold, not extreme heat! Add that to the fact that I spent all morning gardening for my grandparents, and I was basically a mess. It was kind of gross. But post-gardening (and almost death from dehydration. Just kidding. And don't tell my grandparents that, they already thought I was going to too much trouble. Like they weren't out there working too! And they're in their 70s...) I got dressed up like a normal person and went out to lunch with my lovely friend Shannon. And here are some lovely self-timer photos I just took of myself on the landing outside my room

 jcrew button down
vintage necklace
old navy skirt
 jcrew flats

One upside of the morning gardening, I think I may be getting slightly tanner! Or that could be the lighting... A girl can dream, right? I notice that as the days go on, my posts seem to get more and more stream-of-consciousness-ey.... and the fact that I just made that into a pseudo-adjective says a lot too... I really need to get out more

 Find Alison... Oh wait, I'm not actually in this photo! I angled the camera wrong, but then I ended up in the mirror, and I kind of like it.

Silly me, spinning around and making the camera unfocused. Ok, finished commenting on every photo now. You're welcome.

Well, tomorrow is going to be another early morning, this time to babysit the nextdoor neighbors. It appears that even if I don't ever get a job this summer, I can make my money in child care and lawn work. The problem is, can I put down my father as a reference under "Lawn-moving Supervisor"? Or my grandmother as a "Weeding Overseer"? Probably not. So, despite the fact that it pays better than just about any other job I'll get, it's not going to help in the long run. Sigh.

I think I will read a bit before going to bed early. Yes, midnight strikes me as an early bedtime. How college has changed me! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday, and that if your weather was anywhere near as hot as ours was, that you stayed indoors. Good night!


  1. J'ai adoré lire ce texte, ça m'a également permis de tester mon niveau d'anglais ^^
    j'aime beaucoup le collier dans ta photo (on ne le voit pas trop bien, mais la forme et la taille vont très bien par rapport à tes vêtements !), mais également tes vêtements ! Bisous bisous ♥

  2. Et à très vite :)

    Ps : Ici il fait chaud. (Enfin, un temps orageux !) ^^ ♥

  3. that sucks that your battery always runs out so quickly! but awesome for you that the weather is heating up. we're battling winter now & its not fun :( very cute outfit though :) hope the early morning isnt too much of a killer.. you can totally blog/read blogs while you're doing it ;) x


  4. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I, too, wish to have a summer job. I cannot find one for the life of me!

  5. I love your skirt! What a cute color combination!

  6. Thanks for youre comment!
    Gorgeous skirt!

  7. nice skirt! love the color.



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