Monday, June 13, 2011

lazy days

Well, without a job my schedule is a bit too open these days. My current plan is to have at least one thing planned a day so I feel that I have at least something to do. Like tomorrow I'm babysitting and the next day I have pilates - but it's hard to plan a whole day around a one-hour event, you know? I know, I know you must all be so annoyed at me, complaining how I have too much free time in my summer. But it gets old! I mean, watching tv, reading on the porch and playing the piano are fun activities, but they can only hold you for so long. At some point you want to get out there in the world and actually do something (preferably something paid). Who knows, maybe I'll find something. But send out some good vibes, k? Thanks...

 equipment shirt
vintage necklace
 martin&osa necklace

This is the new Equipment shirt I was talking about! I'm such a fan. It's a dark blue, which you all may have noticed by now is a favorite clothing color of mine, and it has such a nice texture and feel to it. And I've always loved their shirts! Basically I love it. Sure to become one of the button downs in my regular rotation. Speaking of button downs, my friend Jenny (who always says I should mention her more in my blog) borrowed one of my favorites a while ago and still hasn't given it back. So, if you're reading this, here is me reminding you on the world-wide web. Thanks bud :)

This seems to be my new favorite necklace. Every outfit I come up with just goes really well with it! It's a good length, a nice-size pendant (which opens, so I can play with it - always a plus) and you know how I love my vintage. And speaking of vintage, I just got this gorgeous 70's floral dress today at a shop in St. Paul. It's long, like past the knee, which I'm usually not a fan of, but I loved the pattern so much I couldn't put it down. And with its tie-waist, it's actually quite simple for me to pull up a foot or so of the fabric and blouse it to make it into a short dress! You will most definitely be seeing some photos soon.

Last night I went out to a drive-in movie theater with my sister Natalie, Mary (an old friend of ours), and Mary's boyfriend. I always love drive-ins, they are such a fun change from regular movie theaters (not to mention a lot cheaper), and have this cute, old-timey feel to them! The first movie was Super 8 which, I've got to be honest, I didn't really like. It got good reviews and apparently has been doing quite well in the box offices, but I just thought it was kind of stupid - so a glowing recommendation from me, not that I'm a movie expert :) Next was Hangover 2, which I actually thought was pretty good! For one, we changed seating arrangements in the trunk of the car for this one, so I was a lot more comfortable. Second, even though the plot was basically the same, the jokes were good! I enjoyed it. The third movie was Thor, but since Hangover 2 ended around 1:30 approaching 2, we decided 3 movies was a bit much and headed home. So that was my Sunday night, pretty entertaining I must say.

Now, it is bedtime for me as once again I can barely keep my eyes open. Why is it that this happens? Perhaps its my earlier complaint that I have nothing to do all day, so I never really wake up that much. Who knows. Good night, hope you all had a lovely Monday!

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  1. I've been meaning to try out Equipment shirts, I hear they're really good! I love the colour of yours. Oh I know what you mean about free time. No job either and I'm on a 6 week break from uni! Thanks for you sweet comment!


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