Tuesday, June 21, 2011

busy day

I know. What? A busy day for me, the unemployed college student? I mean I suppose it wasn't that busy, but it felt like I actually had something to do for most of the day, which was something new. Anyways, here are some self-timer photos, as there is no one in the house to take photos for me (no one skilled and/or willing that is - Aunt Lori and my mom weren't really up for it)

gap tank
old navy button down
 old navy shorts
vintage necklace

Yes, I'm wearing this necklace again. I know, I wear it too much, it's just too perfect with everything! If I need something easy to spruce up a basic outfit, toss it on and voila! Well, even if you are all getting tired of it, I'm sure my Grandma Linda is happy to see it's been getting lots of use since she sent it to me.

So we walked up to J.Crew today to take advantage of their 30% off sale items (if you haven't already I'd suggest you take advantage of it - it's 30% in-store and online, and they have pretty good stuff) despite the drizzling rain. Here are photos of 3 out of the 4 items I bought (apparently my camera didn't like the picture of the 4th item? I swear I took a photo of it, but when it came to upload time it wasn't there. And I'm just too lazy to go up a flight of stairs to take another photo). Anyways, it was a grey and white striped sweater, very cute.

Don't worry, I don't normally keep my knits on hangers, this was just for the purpose of taking a photo without actually having it on my body, as I have no photographer...

I think this is my favorite new piece. It's a sort of greenish-grey and made of silk, and has the cutest little gold buttons! Gotta love J.Crew's sale

So besides the afternoon run to J.Crew (and Chipotle, as I hadn't eaten in approximately 6 hours) I spent the early afternoon at Como Zoo having my volunteer orientation for the Cafesjian's Carousel! It's this old refurbished carousel that used to be at the Minnesota State Fair until the 1980's I believe, when they were going to auction it off for parts. Instead, a non-profit was formed to save the carousel, and it moved around for awhile until it settled in this little pavilion in Como Zoo, where it's open spring through fall and run totally by volunteers. So, since I can't get a paying job for the summer, I thought I'd spend some time running a carousel! Today I got to learn about the different tasks the volunteers perform, and practiced walking on a moving carousel (very reminiscent of walking on the metro in D.C, so I didn't do too bad if I say so myself). Later this week I get to shadow someone for a shift, then I'm on my own! And I get a cute little tshirt :) 

Ok, I'm off to hang out with some friends for the evening, looks like it might even be done raining for the day (is that possible??). Hope you had a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Who wouldn't love J. Crew, right? Always fun things to buy (or at least to look at) :) Hope your Wednesday is as nice as today!

  2. cool necklace! lovely blog!

    xoxo jenna

  3. Thanks for your comment!
    Very cute necklace

    X Zoe X

  4. I love the necklace. so does your J. CREW! :)

  5. Yep Jcrew sales are the shiz hehe. Great outfit and blog!

    xx THE CHEAP


  6. ahhh thanks for the heads up about the jcrew sale! now my wallet is mad at you ;)

  7. omg!! love that NECKLACE!!! its gorgeous..


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