Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new dress!

So now I get to show off my favorite new dress! Technically I wore it yesterday, where it got its grand unveiling at a Taylor Swift concert. I was appropriately boho yet not as horribly fake-country as some of the girls there (seriously though. I have decided that Taylor Swift concerts are some of the best places to people-watch) and more people than the 5-year-old and 7-year-old I was babysitting earlier that day got to see it! So I'm pretty happy. Here are some photos of the outfit, taken in my new favorite place for self-timer photos, the landing. Perhaps one of my lovely family members can start helping me take photos more often soon? We shall see.

 vintage dress
vintage necklace
h&m flats

If anyone reading this lives in the Twin Cities, may I suggest the vintage store Lula? They have such a great selection of dresses and are really quite helpful. Last time I was in there, I fell in love with this ruffled shirtdress, and as I was checking out we noticed a little hole in the armpit of the dress. The owner of a store took out a needle and thread right then and there and sewed it right up for me, no charge! She was so sweet, even asked me if I would like to model for her fall showcase (sadly, I was already at school by that time, otherwise that would have been so much fun). Also, anyone with a subscription to Lucky Magazine may have noticed that the Twin Cities were the subject of the City Guide in the June issue (I for one was beyond excited that we finally got some recognition) and Lula was in the spread, with a photo of some of her gorgeous dresses! Seriously, go check it out.

 When I first saw this dress I just couldn't put it down, mainly for two reasons - the pattern, which is so beautiful and luscious (good word, don't you think), and the sheerness of the fabric, which gave it a light, airy feel. The girl working in the shop at the time even suggested that I put different slips under it when I wear it, to give it a different feel each time, something that I would do if I owned slips - maybe it's time to get some? However, when I first tried the dress on, I wasn't sure if I could make it work, even with the fabric and pattern, and here's why:

Here is a picture of what the dress actually looks like! Very flowy, long, and boho, something that some people can just inherently pull off. Me, not so much. However, the fun thing is if you roll up the sleeves and use the tie blouse the waist (like seriously blouse it. You may be able to notice in some of the first photos, but there is like a foot of fabric bunched on my waist) it looks adorable and much more modern! And it's really easy to pull off, so much so that I probably won't even hem it - although that's mostly because I'm cheap. But who knows, once my leg is accustomed to wearing heels again, I may toss on my wedges and keep it long, just for a change of pace. I'm a fan of options. 

On another note in this extremely long post, the Taylor Swift concert was so much fun! I hadn't originally planned on going, but on the day of my friend Jenny looked up tickets on Stubhub and found some she really wanted to buy, and as a treat got me one for my birthday! So we sat 7th row on the floor and watched Taylor put on a really good show (I don't see why people criticize her live performances, she really is great) and wear some amazing outfits. Probably I will steal some photos off of Jenny's facebook and put up a post of Taylor's fashion, as she brought a camera and I only took pictures on my iphone - slight quality difference. Anyways, have a good night!


  1. Lula sounds amazing, and the dress is just so lovely!

    Rosie x

  2. that dress is so gorgeous, i love the pattern

    x Camilla

  3. Love the pattern :) I actually like the dress more when it´s short :D

  4. Love that dress, great vintage find! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment!


  5. Yayyy Taylor!!!! Best thing of my lifeeeeeee

  6. I LOVE your dress! The colors are wonderful.


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