Friday, June 17, 2011

my new stalker

I got my cousin Caitlin, who's visiting us from Iowa for the weekend, to take a few pictures for me (more like 50... sometimes it's just difficult to find something that's attractive). However she wasn't really warming to the idea - apparently she felt creepy following me around with a camera and snapping random pictures? 

old navy tank
thrifted belt
jcrew pants
h&m flats
various rings

We just wandered the neighborhood for a bit, getting eaten by mosquitoes and traipsing into the neighbor's yard (don't worry, I know them and babysit for their children all the time ^^). On another note, my poor black flats are falling into pieces! If you look closely at the picture below you can see at the toes where the black part of them is starting to fall off. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for buying $13 flats from H&M...

The large stick we found on the ground, a.k.a my "inspiration for the shoot" - I think Caitlin has a budding career in photography don't you? But actually, she did do a good job. If you read this (which you apparently only do when really bored...), thanks bud :)

So today was another lazy, jobless summer day! I got up, made myself an omelette (ham and cheese - I was going to add spinach and tomatoes, but the absence of spinach just made vegetables seem futile), went to pilates, read on the porch (Never Let Me Go, I would recommend it, both the  movie and the book, they're amazing), fell asleep on the porch which I would not recommend, it gives you a crick in your neck, and ate lunch. 
We just got home from Midnight in Paris, the newest Woody Allen movie -  I thought it was cute! I love Paris, and all the 1920's literary references were lots of fun. Natalie hated the ending and Caitlin hated, well, the entire thing, but I didn't think it was that bad. Not absolutely amazing but worth seeing once. And Marion wore some beautiful 20's dresses. So there.

Oh, and I went to the Rihanna concert last night! Colleen and I bought cheap nosebleed tickets then jammed out to the show and laughed at the drunk girls in front of us. Gotta say it was a pretty good time, definitely worth the $10. And that is all. 

P.S. I redid the layout to my blog. Do you like it? I just felt the need for a more stream-lined, clean look. I was up into the wee hours trying to make it just perfect, and now I really like it! Hope you do too :)


  1. You have on such a cute outfit! I love the photo that displays your rings.

  2. I love the idea of you blog! You look very cute! I'm only sixteen but I know for sure that when I will be a student like you, I will come back to your blog to see what you're wearing!
    Maybe you can make a Fashionlista account too, to get inspiration for your campus-outfits!

  3. By the way, I follwed you! (:

  4. My boyfriend always feels awkward taking pictures for me ha-ha I'm just there like 'ONE MORE PLEASE' I must sound so vain (im not honest) but you know it's needed ha-ha. Lovely outfit - really suits you the jeans are super flattering!


  5. beautiful outfit!! you look really pretty!! :D

  6. simple but fashion!! :D

  7. Great photos! A black pair of flats is such a classic item! I love h&m for shoes too :)

    Love, vanilla

  8. those H&M flats are cute! and Rihanna concert, how fun! I bet you two still had a great time dispite the sears :D

  9. love simple think !


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