Saturday, June 4, 2011

new jewelry

Yay! Finally getting around to posting this. So, while up at the cabin last weekend for Memorial Day we stopped by the St. Germain flea market, which is always quite fun. It's a typical flea market, so you have your socks, your homemade cheese (this is Wisconsin after all), your knives (some illegal?), various knick-knacks and homemade crafts (we particularly like the hand-carved gnomes), and some great jewelry! I love going through people's old vintage jewelry. Of course, they like to insist that it's all real gold or real silver, and charge you wayyy more than necessary. But you can still find some good bargains. Here are my new pieces

 First is my cute little trolleybus charm. As I said before, he went on about how it's real silver, which somehow I doubt. But I got it for $3 so I'd say that's a pretty good deal! The original loop on top of the charm was too small for a chain, so for a bit I was worried I wouldn't be able to do anything with it! But thankfully my mother's side of the family enjoys crafting jewelry, so we had a little box of supplies, containing jump rings, which I craftily stuck on :)

And secondly here is my spoon ring! According to my mother a spoon ring is a rite of passage, so good for me :) There were bunches and bunches of them at the stall, it was so hard to choose! I decided I liked this one because it's a bit thinner than the rest, less chunky. I'd like to get another one from like an antique spoon, you know? Very thin and dainty

Just got finished playing a round of golf from my father, it was an absolutely gorgeous day today! And I played golf quite well. At least for me I mean. I got 2 pars and 4 bogeys! Normally I'm shooting for about double par, so I'm really stepping it up :) Now I need to get ready to go out, hope you all have a fun Saturday night!

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