Saturday, June 11, 2011

global warming is a joke

Remember how my last post was talking about how it was blazing hot, like 100 degrees? Well, for the past few days since then its been like 60 and rainy. Really Minnesota, really? I knew we lived in the land of weather extremes, but this is just a bit... extreme. Regardless, I didn't feel like dressing up much today, so here is my throw-on outfit

 simply vera vera wang cardigan
all time low concert tshirt
gap jeans

Oh my oversized sweaters, gotta love them. I always get compliments on how soft this one, and it makes me so feel so warm and fuzzy when I wear it. Its a good rainy-day sweater, makes up for the shapelessness :) Anyways, I needed something comfy to throw on, I got home around 2 last night then got up before 9 (gasp) to go the farmers market and pick up some more rhubarb. I got my sister this cookbook for her birthday, and it had this amazinggg recipe for rhubarb juice in it! Only problem, it takes a lot of rhubarb and we have quickly used up our own garden supply and have had to outsource. But the market was fun, I got a yummy pastry and some salad greens out of the bargain as well

I have to thank my friend Beth for the tshirt, or rather, thank her for accidentally ordering an extra one and giving it me :) I love All Time Low, and concert tshirts are so much fun! And this one isn't signed so I don't have to feel guilty about washing and wearing it.

Ok I'm actually exhausted now. I'm going to bed and hoping I don't wake up until at least 10. I need about 12 hours of sleep, maybe it will perk me up? I doubt it. But on the bright side, I walked 9 holes of the golf course today, and can basically walk on my tiptoes now - the foot recovery is coming along! Night all :)


  1. Gorgeous sweater! I'd love to curl up in that right now it's freezing here too :( cute casual outfit!



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