Monday, February 6, 2012

a real outfit post?

Gap shirt; Urban Outfitters dress; Vintage necklace; Coach bag; Gap flats

 When was the last time I posted outfit pictures that were taken on the correct setting while it was still light outside? I know, probably never. But that doesn't matter, because now it's happened! I brought my camera along to lunch today then forced Nicole to make a pit-stop next to our dorm building for a quick photo shoot - and in case you were wondering, those windows behind me face into a classroom that had students in it while we were taking pictures. Worse than sneaking around outside the Jesuit residence? Not sure...

I was honestly contemplating doing laundry sooner than my habitual 3-4 weeks just so that this shirt would be clean again. I'm in love! The chambray, the oversize fit - I don't even mind that I think it was called a tunic (for those of you who don't know, I despise tunics). And this dress is obscenely short, but I just couldn't resist the denim with the deep green with the pseudo-leopard print shoes, in case you couldn't tell I really love this outfit! That was really obnoxious, done now. Time to do some work so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour again tonight! Hope you all had a lovely start to your week :)


  1. You look so gorgeous! Love the shirt and the whole look :)

    I'm following you now, I would be so happy if you could follow me back ^^

  2. I love that shirt, I really should do my outfit posts outside -I seriously need a tripod.


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