Monday, February 13, 2012

grandma's vest

Old Navy button down; Vest knitted by Grandma; Levis jeans; Vintage necklace; Nordstrom boots

 Once again, oh so long since I last posted. But don't you love my vest? My grandma knitted it for me a few years ago - she said for Christmas that she'd knit us each one thing and let us pick a piece from the catalog. I of course asked for the men's vest. I like oversized knits, whats new.

So, fun stories you've all missed since I last posted. Yesterday morning I got a rude wake-up call at about 5 am when my building's fire alarm went off. I guess its the special alarm to make sure everyone wakes up, but it pretty much just sounded like a foghorn. I literally fell out of bed I was so startled, and then I was just so freaked out that I couldn't find my glasses and didn't really think the whole middle-of-the-night-in-February thing through, so I just put on flip flops to go with the shorts I'd been sleeping in. Walked outside, it was 10 degrees. There was snow on the ground. Let's just say it was interesting.
Why am I still awake? After waking up with a serious twinge in my throat this morning I've decided that I need to get more sleep this week. Unfortunately for me Economic Statistics exists, so that may happen.  Good night!


  1. oh it's so darling.
    i love when i can make something from my grandmas closet work.

    xo katlin

  2. Urgh I used to hate when the fire alarm went off at uni, which happened quite a lot sadly. Love the layering here! :) xx


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