Saturday, February 25, 2012

another skirt and untucked shirt

Forever 21 necklace; Urban Outfitters tshirt; J. Crew Skirt; Frye boots
 As I've noted in the title, in general I seem to post only one sort of outfit on this blog - a small skirt, a pair of boots, and some sort of oversized top. And you know what guys, sometimes I wear pants! And I feel like I should try to show that side of my wardrobe as well - because you see, in addition to miniskirts, I also wear skinny jeans much too often.

So yesterday the weather people just gave up on telling us the weather. As in literally, my phone said "A high of 70, a low of 37, and there's a chance of rain" - how do you get dressed for that!? I was wearing this outfit sans tights for most of the day with my moccasins, had a brief jaunt out in my rainboots, and tossed my leather jacket over it all (in combination with the Fryes I looked a bit like a biker chick). 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Skirts and untucked shirts could be your signiture look. I have the same problem with dresses, people on the internet must think I live in them. Lovely necklace by the way ¬!

  2. really like your outfit !
    i know, the weather is always a problem ;)

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