Monday, February 20, 2012

leather jacket

Splendid tshirt; Guess leather jacket; Scarf stolen from Beth (or rather, she left it here and I'm taking care of it in her absence); Gap jeans; Coach satchel; Minnetonka Moccasin moccasins
 I'm in love with my new jacket! I've actually owned a leather jacket for years now, one I picked up at a consignment shop back in Minnesota and always told myself I'd wear, but had never managed to take off its hanger. I'd convinced myself I just wasn't a leather jacket person (much to the dismay of my visiting friend Beth, as they are pretty much all she wears) - until I put this one on. It's perfect! It's soft, it's surprisingly warm, and it's just the right amount of slouchy to fit in just right with my look. Yay for visiting friends giving me an excuse to explore the city and find new shopping gems.

Beth got on her bus back to NYC this morning, and although I'm sad that the weekend is ending (we had a blast), I think if the visit had gone any longer we would have both dropped dead from lack of sleep. As I'm typing this, sitting in a room for Economics tutoring (gotta love it when no one comes and I can just do work procrastinate) I can barely keep my eyes open. And I already took two naps today. Good news is I have less than two weeks until Spring break! California here I come and, I suppose in the more immediate future (as in right now), Comparative Political Systems readings here I come... Have a good night all :)


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