Monday, September 20, 2010

OOTD: Sailor Dress

I just looked into my wardrobe and realized that I own not one, not two, but three short, horizontally striped dresses. Problem? Perhaps. Obsession? Most definitely...

So here is one of my little striped dresses - I think it is perhaps the most sailor-like of the three, with its rounded neckline and more even stripes. To temper the short hemline for class, I tossed over a cardigan and belted it with a simple brown belt (not my usual one, you may notice - I'm branching out ^^)

vintage necklace
zara cardigan
h&m dress
heritage1981 belt
target flip flops

Today was Monday. Enough explanation? I think so... set my alarm for 9:00 and didn't get up until 9:30, proceeded to do no homework before class anyways, took a nap mid-afternoon, and plan on watching tv shows tonight. I'd like to call it easing myself back into the week :)

I just wanted to show off how I tied my belt - I always see them doing this in catalogues and magazines, but I've never gotten it to work! My belt has always been too short or too stiff to tie. I just think it's soo cute! And the necklace is one of my favorites, and another thing I own a lot of - clock necklaces. Come to think of it I only own two, but I used to have three before one broke... but that's another one of those stories that's more interesting in my head than on paper, so I think I will just keep it to myself :)
A ring I got while on the island of St. Johns (A part of the USVI). It's basically the Caribbean equivalent of the claddagh ring - have the U-shaped thing (the "hook") turned out meaning that your heart is open to love, facing in to mean you are taken. I'm not in the least bit Irish, so I have always felt odd about the idea of wearing a claddagh ring. However, I have been visiting the virgin islands my whole life, so this fits!

It's the weirdest weather in DC right now - in the morning you will probably be chilly, the whole of the afternoon you will be sweating, and by the evening you will be chilly again. And of course add in the huge issue of over-used air-conditioning, and you will never truly be dressed correctly. I did my best today, and though I was a bit hot walking around, I didn't do too badly.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means that I have to get up for my 9:15 seminar class, ugh. And go straight to Russian after that. Uuuugh. However, for the time being I need to finish my paper on Eddie Mabo for the aforementioned seminar - just to warn anyone considering writing a paper on him, there is not enough information on the Internet to write a paragraph. Just saying. Excuse my bitterness ^^

Have a lovely Monday...


  1. What a cute blogg! & i LOVE that ring.. :)

  2. love your outfit, the colors are amazing combined together!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment:)

    I love yours too! I think your outfit is great....striped dresses are so fun to wear and the belted cardi is a great touch!!

    Lets stay in touch:)

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  4. you look gorg in these pictures.... and i miss you a loooootttt. come home!!! well don't really. you should stay at college.

  5. i really like your dress and how you paired it with the cardigan and belt. Very chic. thanks for the comment on my blog

  6. Thanks for your comment! Love the background to your blog... the wallpaper of books, I mean, very cool! And the story about the ring was very interesting... I have a Claddagh ring somewhere but I don't think enough guys know what wearing the heart turned in/out means for them to get the message that I'm single so I haven't worn it for ages :)

  7. oops, signed in with the wrong account, I meant to comment as Fourth Daughter...

  8. Nice ring!!!

  9. thanks for your sweet comment! i own moccasins as well and i can't get enough of em. loving your blog!


  10. Your blog is so cute. I love the outfit and I too am a fan of stripes and clock necklaces! I recently saw the cutest robot clock necklace!

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  11. cute ring ,i like it !xx


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