Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD: Pretty in Pink

My head is kind of obscured by the sun in this photo but I still like it... 

nordstrom earrings (probs you can't see them...)
jcrew cardigan
gap tshirt
jcrew pants
h&m flats

I really like these pants - they were from my mom, as she decided that she needed to buy a size smaller in her minnie pants. I'll take them! I have a denim pair (what I'm wearing) that have cute little zippers, and a black pair. Thanks very much mom :)

Some photos of my lovely photographer Nicole! She always looks adorable, but I particularly liked her outfit today. As you can tell, her style is fundamentally different from mine - she wears color :)

I love this dress - however, when she washed it earlier, it got a little wrinkled in her laundry bag. So I asked, "Nicole, how are you wearing this dress? Did you find an iron?" She replied that no she had not, but that her closet had magical powers that gotten rid of the wrinkles. Yes, it's been a long day...

I had my second Russian quiz today. Got to be honest, I don't think it went as well as the last one, even though I studied for at least 2 hours for this one... oh well. On a happier note, I got my first college-level paper back today and got an A! I definitely wasn't expecting it, so it was a good start to my early morning.

I had a really fun night last night after posting, so I feel like sharing a synopsis - Nicole and I really wanted dessert but there was nothing good left in the dining hall. So we proceeded to go on this crazy adventure trying to find a shortcut to the student-run grocery store, where we bought cookie dough and pretzels. Then we went back to the room and watched "Modern Family" - by the way, everyone should watch this show, it's probably the funniest thing on tv these days in my opinion. It was a really fun night, and not for an extraordinary reason, it was just fun. Do you ever have nights like that?

Moving past my random tangent, hope everyone has a good night - Glee is on tonight, so of course it will be, albeit not a very productive one :)


  1. hy hun! i`m back! suck a beautiful and free life you have! ,makes me a bit nostalgic! check out my new posts! http://naianostyle.blogspot.com/

  2. Awww so cute! I'm so jealous about your new hand-me-downs lol! Check out my blog: http://thehauteroad.blogspot.com

  3. i love both your outfits! and i don't have a tv right now, and you're making me envious of your ability to watch glee :p



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