Thursday, September 23, 2010

OOTD: Black and Blue

Gotta love self-shot photo shoots in the dorm - I promise it isn't as messy as it looks :)

Sorry for the hair in the face, it just happened - getting my hair cut over Thanksgiving break when I go home!

forlove21 necklace
target tank top
zara skirt
h&m ballet flats

So, now that you have seen my lovely outfit pics, you are probably wondering, "What did Alison do today?" I will tell you - after lunch and russian I went back to the room and did some homework and chilled out , only to look at my email and realize that I had 2 packages waiting for me! I wasn't expecting anything, so it was pretty exciting. One was from my dad, containing a CD of (what I'm assuming) is bad 80's music, to continue our trading of music - it made me very happy. The other was a box full of homemade chex mix from my grandma, miraculously uncrushed from the shipping process - also really exciting! 

My food shelf - between what my parents left for me, the occasional food shopping I've been doing, and all the packages I've been receiving, it is quite overflowing (in fact, there is some food sitting on the floor, not to mention what is in the fridge). Now just to clarify to any friends or family who may be reading this, this does not mean that I don't want packages - in fact I encourage them :) Just thought I'd share

After the boxes I decided it would be a good time for a nap, so I set my alarm for 20 minutes later... I woke up an hour later to discover I set the alarm wrong, and I had about 5 minutes to get to my next class. Now, my next class is econ, which I normally have issues staying awake for,  so add in the fact I had just woken up from an overly-long nap, and I was done for. It was quite, quite difficult to stay awake for that lecture...

Now it is the evening and I am off to a choir rehearsal for a choir that I will hopefully like - I miss singing! After that my friend Nicole (she's the one who takes all the lovely photos for me when I don't do it myself in my room) are going to play bingo - it's homecoming, so clearly that is what you do on a Thursday night :)

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Love your skirt, it's so pretty :)
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Just became a follower xo

  2. oh, that's a lovely necklace :) and haha, I love to read all your experiences!

  3. I'm loving your necklace. The intertwined chain thing going on is way cool! Your food shelf cracks me up. I'm totally like that too!


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