Thursday, September 16, 2010

OOTD: New Shirt

Sooo, J.Crew sponsored this Georgetown student shopping thing on Tuesday, where we got 20% everything in store (well, everything full-priced. annoying). And I was like, I'm not going to shop with this craziness! I'm going to go early and pick out what I want before! So I went into the store on Monday to pre-shop, discovered we only got 20% off full-priced items and decided to just buy two sale things then and avoid the craziness that Tuesday was sure to be all-together. And one of the things I bought was this t-shirt!

jcrew tshirt
vintage button-down
old navy shorts
target bag
(don't think you can see my shoes in any of these photos... they are flip flops...)
Thought I would try not smiling in a photo for once. This is the best of the bunch. Oh well. I like this button-down too. It's simple and boxy, kind of military-inspired. Easy to just toss over things for some simple layering, no?

This bag, being my book-bag, is in just about every post, thought I would show an actual picture of it - it's a pretty basic color with a cute little floral print on it. I like it! Definitely a step up from my high school back pack...

So today is Thursday! Already? I know... At Georgetown, this means chicken fingers in the dining hall, which is pretty exciting. There's always a line, but its worth it. They are quite tasty. I only have one more class today, and its in about 2 hours. Don't know what I'm going to do until then. I could do homework, but that would be silly :) Maybe I will watch a tv show... or take a nap... this is my college life. It's kind of great

What to do with the rest of my day? Decisions, decisions. What do you do with lazy afternoons?


  1. Hey thanks for your comment, so nice of you :)
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  2. You are adorable! I Love your blog! And the layout is too cute! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment! :)
    I hope to see you back!

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  3. cool bag...

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  4. Thats a really cute casual look :) I like a lot :) Im following you now (that sounds so creepy :P)


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