Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OOTD: This is my life...

Ummmm, yeah.... it took both my drying rack and my roommate's to hang up all the clothes I had to hand-dry. This is from one week. It's so gross here! At the end of the day, those clothes just neeed to go in the hamper

old navy cardigan
ecote dress
vintage necklace
rocket dog shoes

May I just point out that I have moved from black moccasins to black flats? Like not moccasins? You should be really proud of me. I'm pretty proud of myself :)

So today I met up with my friend from MN who is going to Catholic and she, I, and a couple of her friends walked to Georgetown cupcake. I had class in about 30 minutes, so I was insisting we power-walk it out. After we got out cupcakes they stayed to do some shopping and grab some dinner in the neighborhood while I power-walked it back to my class. Stuffing a cupcake in my face. Needless to say I felt pretty pathetic. Probably the passerby thought I was a very sad, lonely freshman who had no friends to go to georgetown cupcake with so I just went by myself and was drowning my sorrows in buttercream frosting :) Oh well, it happens. But now, more studying needs to be done. Oh the woes of college :)

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!


  1. hey :) thanks for your comment, i had a look at shopgoodwill like you suggested but i think postage to the UK would be pretty steep. Oh well and have to keep a look out in the charity shops.
    I like your dress here but the washing and drying is part of uni life that i'm definitely not looking forward to! x

  2. That does not sound sad at all. If I was eating a cupcake and walking to class I would probably be skipping. Cupcakes are such a pick me up :)

    The print looks quite tribal! Neat!

    Bea from A plus B


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