Monday, September 6, 2010

OOTD: Short Dresses...

old navy cardigan
h&m dress
old necklace (who knows where its from...)
vintage coach purse
minnetonka moccasins

I've decided that in order for me to wear different shoes, I need to put my moccasins in the closet and take another pair of shoes out and set them on the floor. Right next to my desk. Because that is generally the extent of my shoe choices these days. I know it's sad, but it's the truth

So, I can count about a dozen new mosquito bites and my legs. They itch horribly! I was walking around looking for the sign-up sheet for a choir audition and, despite never making it to the audition, got a bazillion bug bites. Fun times

So, the title of my post. This dress is really really short. It was short when I bought it, for sure. But then I washed and dried it once (in my defense it isn't 100% cotton. So how was I supposed to know?) and I think it got even shorter. So now I only wear it when I have nowhere formal to be and am wearing shorts. I was actually sitting cross-legged outside talking on the phone, and I probably looked really sketch to all the people who were walking by. They were probably thinking "How can she sit like that in such a short dress? How scandolous" - but I was wearing shorts, so it's fine. Silly people.

I was trying to be all cutesy and sit on the ledge. And then I dropped my purse on the ground. And made an unhappy face. And Nicole took a picture. Actually, I kind of appreciate it. This is my life right here people :)

So, I have my first early(ish) class tomorrow. It's at 9:15. Ugh. And it's two hours. Uuugh. But it's on Australia! It's really random, but everyone in the School of Foreign Service has to take a proseminar, in other words a small class on a focused subject emphasizing discussion. And I got one on Australia. Didn't sign up for it, but the more I think about it the more I think it's going to be really amusing. 

So that's it for my Labor Day musings. Think I'm going to go watch an episode of Gossip Girl now... Have a good night!


  1. i cant wait for the new ep of gossip girl!! this week is gonna be fun.. start of all my tv shows! hehe.. i occasionally wear shorts when i wear dresses. but not during summer. lol...

  2. ooh awesome! I live in australia :)
    cutest dress :) xxx

  3. cute outfit, i'm searching for a bag just like that!
    I never seem to have a problem with dresses being too short as i'm so short myself :P x

  4. Oh I love the print and your purse :) lovely outfit!


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