Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OOTD: First Day of Classes

forever21 shirt
zara skirt
target bag
minnetonka moccasins
rayban wayfarers

Today was my first day of classes! It is still scorchingly hot here, but considering the intense air-conditioning and the fact that I didn't know the expectations of the professors I didn't feel comfortable wearing one of my (quite) short summer dresses - so I thought this was a nice in-between. I met up with a friend from Minnesota who is going to D.C as well, and we went and got dinner and Georgetown Cupcakes. It was lovely to talk about home and life without the awkwardness that permeates most conversations when trying to make new friends and get to know new people. So that was nice. And I had someone to take a photoshoot of me! That was fun, I've missed having a sister who will just take copious amounts of photos for me. When I go home I will definitely make her do a shoot with me, I miss dressing her up :)

Gotta love Georgetown Cupcake! So far I've been really lucky and have never been in a line out the door. I've seen them though, they exist.... I got red velvet (its sitting on top of the box there) and it was really good. I need to go in on a day that they have salted caramel, because I've heard that's amazing.
I kind of look like a crazy in this photo but I think the lighting is really cool so whatever. The things I do just as the shutter is snapping...

So I don't remember if I told you this before but I'm kind of a crazy person. I decided to take Russian and French at the same time. I took French in high school, but the program was not the greatest so I'm probs over my head in the class that I am taking. Regardless, I am making myself suffer through it, so whatever. And Russian is INSANE (what is it with me and caps lately? whatever...) We are just learning the alphabet and already they are trying to get us to string sentences together and such. It's crazy

All together I would say it was a pretty successful day. I had classes, hung out with an old friend, ate cupcakes (which are always good for the soul) and did some more socializing on my floor. Can't wait to have more classes tomorrow! Sure that will get old soon, but whatever...

I need to stop going to bed so late! Sweet dreams everybody :)


  1. i can't believe you are taking two languages! good luck!

  2. First off, great choice on the first day outfit. College class-wear can get pretty casual sometimes, but I always wanted to make sure I put in some effort with my outfits.

    Second, you should totally take this time to take any class that interests you, even if you think it might be a bad idea. I'd love to go back and tell that to my 18-year old self. Just work on finding out what you love and what lights your fire. I've been told the rest will fall into place.

  3. Omg the cupcakes. I'm amazed haha.
    Cute skirt.
    Great blog, xo

  4. great first day outfit! mmm cupcakes :)
    looks like yo are having a blast :)

  5. UUu the cupcake look pretty delicious;))

  6. oh I'm so happy because there will come a Forever 21 in Brussels next year! yeahhh! :D haha, anyway lovely outfit and mmmmm, delicious cupcakes..

  7. Just have to say those cakes look delicous :) I like the skirt!


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