Thursday, September 30, 2010

It never rains but it pours

So I was going to show you all some pretty photos of my outfit from today. I hadn't taken them yet, but I was planning on taking them as soon as I got back from choir practice. Just one problem...

It's pouring. 

And I had no umbrella with me on the way back from choir practice. So despite my awkward running from Copley Hall to my dorm, I was soaked (still kind of damp right now). So I had to take off my cute outfit and put on some dry clothes. Therefore, no outfit photos today. Instead, I'm looking back through my albums from my blogging career (a.k.a the last month and a half or so...) and pulling out some interesting photos that I didn't get a chance to post the first time around

So there you have it... just a few of the pictures taken that didn't make it on to the blog - believe me there are many!

My day today was... wet. As you can see from the title, an English proverb if you are wondering, it poured today at Georgetown. And an umbrella can only do so much if you don't have appropriate shoes - i.e I need rainboots stat. However, good news is that I did well on my second Russian quiz! I honestly wasn't sure how I did, and even though I did mess up a lot of my word order, it all worked out ok. 

Thursday is my unhealthy eating today. I have just come to accept it. For one, it's chicken finger thursdays, so clearly I have to get chicken fingers for lunch (and fries... and soda...). Then, the chaplain makes quesadillas and brownies for everyone in New South on Thursday nights (that's where I'm headed when I finish this ^^) It's so sweet for him to open up his room to us, and he makes good food - I think he's just trying to keep us all in New South on the so-called "Thirsty Thursdays" so that we don't hurt ourselves. I'm not going out anyways, so it works for me :)

Hope it was sunny and dry for everyone else today, looking forward to Friday!


  1. we totally get what you mean when pictures are eliminated

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  2. love the first and last photos, i had to do the dash to lectures in the rain sans umbrella today too :( x

  3. Love those pictures those stripes are so cute :) and thursdays sound yummy! haha x

  4. its a shame its pouring, but anyway your pictures are great!


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