Saturday, September 18, 2010

OOTD: Mixing Patterns

Sooo, I forgot to put up my outfit for yesterday, so here I am doing it this morning.
Lovely story from my day yesterday: I had to get up for an econ recitation that was at 9:15 (don't judge, I need my sleep). I was really really tired so afterward I walked over to one of the campus coffee shops and got myself a mocha. As I was walking, I got a call from my mother. So I am holding the phone in one hand, the mocha in the either, and as I walk, I keep getting mocha on my hand. And I don't know why. I watch the top, nothing is coming out from it. Then I realize it is leaking out from underneath the top. I try to drink the mocha before it gets on me even more, but no such luck. I manage to stain the shirt I am wearing, and I have to change. Actually, I stained the shirt I was wearing above too (and possibly the shorts). That mocha was evil. 

....ok that story sounded a lot more interesting in my head, but as I have typed it already, you have to deal with it. sorry.

This was another bad picture day. Hoping its just a phase... :)
boots headband
nordstrom bp cardigan
martin&osa tshirt
martin&osa shorts
jcrew tote

My friend from MN came over again today, and first I took her to our dining hall, so she could experience our food. She was really excited by all of our carbs (not the best thing for me to have on a daily basis...) and that we are a coke school, not a pepsi school (also a daily struggle for me... ^^)

My hair looks almost red in this shot, which it isn't in the slightest. Whatever... I got this headband in England at boots, which is actually kind of a drugstore, but they have everything! I'm kind of obsessed
Showing the various patterns of my outfit

After to going to Georgetown Cupcake (yet again. this could become an issue) we went back and chilled in my dorm. Then we decided that is was a Friday! We couldn't just stay in! So we got all dressed up, and I wore heels for the first time since I'd been here. And let me just say, I know why I haven't worn them yet...

I got these wedges on sale at old navy and I looove them. Last time I wore them, it was out to dinner, which gave me the false impression that they were very comfortable. Quite false. After walking around campus (and off-campus. Quite a bit of walking) my feet felt like I was walking on knives. Not a pleasant experience. I was over 6ft tall though :)

So now it's Saturday. What to do? Probably homework. But first I need some breakfast.... have a lovely weekend!


  1. wish i can wear shorts still but our weather isn't that warm anyomore :(

    cute headband!

  2. you look so pretty :) nice shorts and that headband is super cute! xx

  3. Cute shoes! If you wear tall shoes on a regular basis it becomes much more bearable. A year ago I didn't own a single pair of heels/wedges, but since then I've been converted. Once you go high, you can't go back! Wear them around the house for good practice, that way you can just throw them off if they start hurting... good way to build up tolerance (at least from my experience).

    As for the mocha stain... never leave home without a tide pen!!


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