Thursday, January 13, 2011

chilly thursday

Just as the title says, today was a chilly Thursday! The problem with Georgetown's campus is that the way it's set up, it's basically a maze of wind tunnels. Walking to class, you literally can get blown back by the wind. It's kind of crazy.

So, as a contrast from yesterday's oversized sweater, I decided to wear the new, lacy cami that I bought from Victoria's Secret that I find absolutely adorable! Gotta love the semi-annual sale

jcrew sweater
victoria's secret cami
jcrew pants (my beloved minnies - the original black ones ^^)
aldo boots

The pictures are a bit messy today, my camera had approximately 30 seconds of battery left when we went to the stairwell, so I had about 4 to choose from :)

 Ok I really want to show you all the detailing on the cami with the cream lace and little black bow, but then I'm putting a picture of my chest up and I feel just a bit awkward about that...

So today was pretty good. Got up early to go to breakfast with Nicole, took a long, hot shower while trying to avoid looking at the mold on the shower floor (keeping it clean and classy, thanks Georgetown ^^), first day of real Theology class - it's a little stressful, being put on the spot and required to come up with intelligent, college-worthy insights on religion and philosophy! Then I had a break to take a nap, then off to Economics, which is a hugggeee class, yet I still manage to know no one in it. That's what I get for taking Macro first and Micro second. 

We went to the Tombs for dinner, it's kind of a Georgetown institution a few blocks off campus. Mary Clare has a friend visiting her from California and wanted to take her. I technically had gospel choir, but I'd never been and decided to just skip and pretend I forgot :) I decided to order something that the dining hall never makes, a.k.a fish. And it was the greatest. salmon. ever. Reminds me of one of my favorite restaurants from home, W.A Frost, so its like the little bit of home I need on my first week back :)

Ok, now I'm heading up to brownies and quesadillas, my second dessert of the night (my RA brought cupcakes to the common room earlier this evening ^^). Good night!


  1. the oversized sweater looks perfect on you! alhtough this outfit is super adorable too :) good luck in your moldy shower! ahaha ;)

    xoxo oh and...jealous about the cupcakes ;)

  2. Thank you! I did the background by taking a picture of a bunch of my jewelry together!


  3. wow, i love your casual outfit. and that oversized outfit is really nice, it really looks perfect on you.

    thanks, yeah i think the clown is quite scary too. :p

  4. you are adorable! anyway good luck with your future classes. :)

  5. I was on Georgetown's campus before....and totally remember that insane setup. I remember a long climb up stairs to the soccer fields, too. Sounds like you have a great RA...enjoy second dessert!

  6. I love the background on your blog! And thanks for you comment :) Follow each other?



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