Tuesday, January 25, 2011

why is this week so long

Once again, I can't come up with good post titles, so now I'm just going to vent my feelings. And currently, I'm feeling depressed that tomorrow is only Wednesday - so long until the weekend! My life is so pathetic that I was procrastinating putting up this post because I was sitting in bed watching tv and my camera was on my desk (about 5 feet away mind you) and I didn't want to get out of my warm bed to get my camera.... Luckily I have the best roommate ever, she brought my camera (and upload cord!) to me. So, to sum this up, I'm still lying in bed. Will have to get up at some point to brush my teeth and take out my contacts so that I can go to sleep, but we're taking things one step at a time here :)

vintage necklaces
zara tshirt
bdg cardigan
gap jeans
target boots

I was really excited to break out these boots this morning - because of all the precipitation and salt on the ground at Georgetown, my suede boots had been relegated to the back of the closet. But today I decided it was safe to bring them out! And not a moment too soon it seems - apparently it's supposed to snow 4-6 inches tomorrow... enough to shut down classes? One can only hope...

Yes, these photos are taken in the room, but surprisingly this doesn't mean they are self-timer photos! I didn't really feel like leaving the room (again, my life is sad), so I had Jackie take a few. Sadly, while most of them are almost cute, I am blinking in the majority. Such is my life.

Tuesday is another one of my three-class days, and it actually wasn't too bad until Econ at 2:40. By the time I get there, I'm midway through my mid-afternoon slump, and the room is so big and dimly lit, with comfortable chairs.... you get where this is going. Of course, I'm now having issues doing my homework that's due for tomorrow, so perhaps I should have been paying more attention?

Fun news - I'm trying to find more things to get involved with this semester, and I discovered that Georgetown puts on a spring fashion show! I would love to be a part of planning it, and applications are going out soon, so wish me luck! Oh, and other exciting news is that I got an interview for volunteering at D.C Fashion Week. I know, I know, clearly not as major as the other fashion week on the East Coast, but still suchhh a great way for me to get involved with fashion in my city! 

Now, I think I'm going to bed. Bed before midnight 3 days in a row? Yes, this may actually be happening. I'm pretty surprised too. Good night.


  1. i totally get how you feel... it's also even harder getting out of bed when it's so cold! the fashion show sounds fun... keep us updated!

    and if you have some time check out my giveaway :)

  2. I've looked at a lot of fashion-industry oriented resumes and if you're eventually planning on working in fashion, fashion experience in any way counts. That being said, if you're planning on breaking into mainstream fashion, an internship in New York or a major fashion city is practically a necessity.

  3. Great outfit! I really like the pattern in your sweater. You look great! :)

    VPV Intern


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