Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet Your Guest Blogger!

So our dear Alison asked me to guest blog for her while she's skiing her heart out at lovely Vail!  She left yesterday for a fun weekend of skiing with her family.  I seriously don't know how or why, but she decided to leave her laptop behind her.  She still has her iPhone with her and I'm sure she'll be checking out her blog so I guess I won't post anything too weird!  Alison's mentioned me on her blog before, my name's Jenny and I'm one of her friends from high school.  I go to USC in sunny California!

Last Tuesday I stayed overnight at Alison's house after I got off of work and we hung out and played some Kirby and Just Dance 2.  Just Dance is so freaking fun!  Does anyone else like to play that game?  I wish I had a Wii at college so I could buy it and play it all the time!  I also helped Alison choose her outfits for Vail so although you probably won't see any pictures, I know she is dressing fabulously.

Minnesota has been so cold as of lately!  It kills me inside a little bit that I can't wear my flip flops everywhere.  And even worse, I received a pair of black sequin Toms for Christmas (seriously the greatest shoes ever!)  but can't wear them around Minnesota for fear of ruining them with all the gross salt that's around!  I had my last day ever of work today!  I work at a Chinese restaurant called Leeann Chin.  It's very similar to a Panda Express, but a bit more upscale IMHO.  It's a local Minnesota chain so if you're from out of state you probably haven't heard of it.  But if you are ever in the twin cities you should deffo check it out!

Since I only wore my lovely all-black uniform today I'm posting some earlier photos taken of me when I first got back to Minnesota and saw all the crazy amounts of snow on the ground!

As you can see the snow is pretty much as tall as my 5'2" self.  I'm wearing a Calvin Klein jacket, black H&M leggings, black studded leather B. Makowsky bag, and boots from Payless.  Those shoes are so awesome!  You can't see the detailing on them but they are black suede and they have buttons on the side.  I'm so obsessed.  They were actually even on an episode of Gossip Girl in the first season as worn by Serena!  In the second photo I'm throwing up the Trojan "V" for victory sign btdubbs.

In random other news, Britney Spears announced her new single "Hold It Against Me" is dropping on Tuesday and I am SO EXCITED.  An early demo leaked earlier today and the song's okay.  Very techno sounding but missing that "Britney magic."  I've seriously loved her music since she first came on to the scene at 17.  Alright, now I need to go to bed...



  1. guest bloggers is such a neat idea, love the post too, you should make your own blog!

    xx Nikita

  2. @nikita: she does! or at least she technically has one, she hasn't posted in forever, but maybe your compliment will restart her! Its linked in my blog roll on the right, "haute road" - check it out!


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