Friday, January 21, 2011

the last two days

My mom texted me and asked "have you given up on regular blogging already?" And the answer is - no! It's just taken a bit of a detour. And although I didn't put up posts for the last two days, I have pictures, albeit self-timer ones, to show you all. So here you go!

 necklace souvenir
h&m cardigan
urban outfitters tshirt
gap jeans
minnetonka moccasins

Oh, and not only are they self-timer photos, but they have no head - the best ones obviously! At least for yesterday's photos (the next set, not these), I had just sprinted off-campus with Nicole to get her wallet, so I was a bit red in the face and yucky. No such excuses for this one. Such is life.

Some detail shots - my necklace is from choir tour to Greece two summers ago. They had the most adorable selection of owl pendants there! A bunch of us came back with one. And also a close-up of the pattern on my shirt - it was my first urban outfitter tshirt, a.k.a the start of an obsession. That obsession has been partly replaced with a love of J. Crew tshirts, but is still there nevertheless.

Sooo, these photos are from.... Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday. And what did I do on Wednesday? I don't really remember, to be honest. This is the danger of saving photos for later and then trying to explain your day along with them.

I remember going to some info meetings for new activities (possibly writing for a student newspaper and/or the student radio's blog?) because last semester I was super-bored and therefore need to find more things to do with my life than watch Greek episodes one after another. Because without sufficient structure to my activities, I am very liable to do that. Ask my family....

Ok, that's enough for the description of Wednesday. I will put up yesterday's photos in a bit, then perhaps (actually) document today's outfit? First I need to take a shower. It was an earrrlllyy morning. Like early as in I had to set my alarm before 8. Difficult. Well, everyone enjoy your Friday afternoons!


  1. thank you for your cute comment! :)


  2. such a cute outfit! love the shoes :)


  3. great it...

    Love, L

  4. i love your outfit & blog, thanks for the comment :)
    i'm now following you, maybe you could follow me back? i'd really appreciate it <3

  5. your mom is so cute to encourage you to keep blogging! And she is right, don't stop and show us more outfits more often!


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