Tuesday, January 4, 2011

home again

After a fun weekend at the cabin I am back home and back to veging (I'm not sure how to spell that... also not sure if it's a real word...) on the couch - but we are going to Vail tomorrow which should be lots of fun! We got back from Wisconsin Sunday afternoon, and these pictures are from yesterday, which was a fun day of hanging out and visiting my high school which was a, shall we say interesting, experience?

banana republic tank
h&m shirt
school crescent
jcrew skirt
mother's boots (should figure out where they're from, I love them)

Lesson I have learned from this first long trip back home: bring more shoes! I figured that since I was mostly going to be home or with my friends and that we have so much snow that all I really needed were my uggs and moccasins. Wrong. I've been wearing mostly shoes of my mother's and sister's since I have nothing else to do! (And let me tell you, we are close in size, but when it comes to shoes its a bit of a tight fit). For one, uggs are not for wearing anything nice. Only with jeans when I'm hanging out and not doing anything that requires me to look very nice - and even then, I still may feel like looking a bit more put-together and not want to wear them. Moccasins are a few steps up but the problem is they're brown, and I mostly brought black or gray pants and black tights! And while I like to mix neutrals, brown shoes with black tights - not really my thing. So I have learned my lesson and will bring more shoes (namely my black flats) next time. 

Yep, I definitely like these shoes. And they are waterproof, and they are fleece-lined (or some other warm material)! So, can I just have an extra suitcase for all the shoes I am stealing? It seems like the best option, though a bit expensive with airline policies these days...

So yes, I visited my high school yesterday, and it was quite weird - first of all, they put in a round-a-bout (once again, not sure if that is correct spelling...) at the entrance with lots of garish neon signs, kind of my first signal that things had changed. Then there were little changes, like a new cabinet here, a different layout there, that kind of showed that time had passed; to be honest, otherwise I wouldn't have known the difference. I could have just put back on my uniform and fit right in :)

We visited teachers, and while some visits were awkward I genuinely enjoyed some of them too! The second half of the visit was dedicated to just a few teachers that we spent a lot of time talking to, and who seemed very sincere on knowing how we were doing. It's nice to know that they care, and its nice to share with them how well-prepared they left us. 

But as I said, it was odd. I don't really think I would want to go back, but it reminded me how much easier high school was, you know? Being at home is just easier, socially and in terms of my future. At home I can hang out with my old friends, whom I love dearly and know well, and not think about what I will be doing for the coming years of my life. At school, it's all different, it's all new, and it's all on my own. Who knows what will come!

There are my philosophical musings for the day. Enjoy. Today was a little more laid-back; mostly I just watched the Millionaire Matchmaker. Classy tv, right? I think so. I really should start watching that show more, it's actually hilarious! Seeing a few more friends tonight, then off to Vail to ski with the family this weekend! Should be a good trip, it's one I always look forward to. Have a lovely evening!


  1. Love the military green on you!


  2. Whoo! Fleece lined waterproof boots. I wish my wellies were fleece lined.

    Yeah, high school was so much easier compared to what we've got to go through in college now. Wish we'd known that back in the day, huh?


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