Monday, January 17, 2011

large sweater #2

Yes, I did manage to steal two cashmere sweaters from my father. Though this one is a bit older - apparently he was planning on giving it away so Natalie stole it (or she just stole it and he was fine with it.... who knows with her ^^) then before I left I saw that she was planning on giving it away and decided that I most definitely needed to bring it back with me. Succhhh a good choice. Woke up this morning and was just tired and cold and thought to myself, "Self? Today is a good day for an oversized sweater" - I sound like my old history teacher. He always talked like that :)

big it up hat
saks5th peacoat

This picture was just to showcase my outwear choices for this evening :) For some reason I'm just really liking how the peacoat looks like over the large sweater with the floppy hat. Kind of preppy with a bit of a twist? I've most definitely become more preppy since coming to Georgetown, so twists are always appreciated...

chains: gold and silver vintage, black jcrew
forte sweater (stolen from dad)
gap jeans
jcrew flats

I'm really liking these flats! Really the only other pair of ballet flats I own are my poor, scuffed-up black ones, and since I don't really gravitate towards really decorated - or more interesting, some would say - footwear, I think of these as one step up. They are metallic, but kind of a brushed, muted metallic, that goes quite well with my wardrobe, like a neutral almost. They were a Christmas present from my lovely sister Natalie, and I think they are just what I need. Thanks bud!

And my collection of stackable chains continues - the black one is new from Christmas. It's from J. Crew, and we aren't really sure if it's a belt or a necklace - I feel like it looks like more of a necklace, but the clasp is very belt-ish. Regardless, I think it adds something interesting, a different texture, to my current stack of chains from my Grandma.

It was quite a successful weekend I would say! Since I last posted - Thursday, I know. I have ALREADY failed my new year's resolution of spending 30 minutes a day on my blog (although I spent lots of time commenting on/reading other blogs on Friday, if that counts) - I went out to club with girls from my floor, which was a blast. On Saturday we explored the National Archives and the other half of the Museum of American History - not as interesting as the half with Julia Child's kitchen and the First Ladies' dresses, but cool nevertheless. We also had plans to go to the Portrait Gallery, but Nicole and I were so dead tired by then that we opted out and headed back to campus for naps. 

Saturday night Nicole had a friend come in to visit so we took her out to a party, which was lots of fun. Sunday was an embarrassingly lazy day. I actually did sooooo little! I woke up and couldn't make myself do anything until about 12:30, when I went to the library. Upon discovering that the coffee shop was closed I tried to do work there for about 15 minutes before realizing that I couldn't stay awake without some caffeine. So I trekked cross-campus to Starbucks where I ran into some people from the 4th floor of my dorm - I ended up sitting with them for a few hours doing work - and ordered a mocha frappacino, a.k.a probs my favorite coffee drink ever. However, in the two or so hours I was there, I only managed to read about 30 or 40 pages. Sad, right? I think so. 

Later that night watched "The Social Network" with Nicole and her friend, which is still quite a good movie. The school was showing it in the ICC auditorium, and there technically isn't any food allowed so naturally we smuggled some in. Except we brought bread in it's long sleeve, and trying to take it out was sooooo obnoxiously loud! The guys in front of us kept glaring back at me. Awkward. Regardless, played apples to apples later that night, always fun, then went to bed (relatively) early, a.k.a 1 am. Couldn't get up until 11 either. Oh well, this is me getting myself ready for the week right? Storing up sleep. I know, I know, scientifically it doesn't work but I will just think it does.

Ok, this post is waaaaayyy long enough so I won't describe my day today, I will save that for tomorrow's post. Because that clearly makes a lot of sense. Oh well. Hope you all had a great MLK day! (And an amazing day off school. And if you are in one of those odd schools that doesn't give today off, I am truly sorry for you ^^)


  1. I love large sweaters! I got one, though it's not cashmere! :) check it here


  2. oooo I love the oversized sweater with the jewelry. I want to mimic this so bad now.

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