Saturday, January 1, 2011

evenings out, part 2

Guess what everyone: it's officially a new year!! I mean, not as I write this, as I'm writing it shortly after posting my last post, but when this is officially posted it will be 2011! Weird, huh? I can remember last New Year's so clearly, and now it's a whole new year! Last year was pretty eventful for me: I graduated from high school and completed my first semester of college at Georgetown (and I also started this blog! ^^). All the remember-whens aside, here are some photos from last Tuesday, when I went shopping and out to dinner with some good friends :)

loft shirt
gap jeans
minnetonka moccasins

Ahhh putting my outfit on the floor and taking photos! Not good, sorry my readers. But I technically took these photos after the fact, on Wednesday morning, and I didn't feel like putting the it back and finding someone to take photos for me. It was a pretty laid-back day, I went to the mall to see my friend Brooke, who I hadn't seen since we had gone off to college! We had plans to see the movie Tangled, that had to be waylaid a few hours when the showing sold out! We were pretty shocked since the movie had come out so long ago - however, after seeing it (after about two hours of killing time in the Southdale mall - soooo hard for us, you know ^^), I totally understand! It was the most adorable movie ever, Disney has really done it again. I should do ads for Disney, honestly - I don't ever think you can be too old to enjoy a Disney movie. That rant aside, here are photos from that night, when I went out to dinner with a few more friends and got dressed up:

 vintage vest
banana republic tank
jcrew skirt
sweater tights?
 vintage bag
jcrew shoes

Close-up of my favorite bag from last post. I also stole it (and the shoes) for Tuesday - and my plan to smuggle them back to D.C? Still on... sorry mom... 

Another adorable Christmas present from my aunt,  I've been wearing it for most of the week :)

Dinner was good, but as I said before, it's a good thing that Shannon and I don't go to school together we would go broke - we just fuel each others' shopping and food habits! But I've been told that I'm supposed to mention her in every post - how exactly do you want me to do that Shannon? We don't exactly go to school in the same region of the country. I actually do want to put up some pictures of Shannon, as she took a stage-makeup course at Marquette last semester and had some really awesome looks. If she will agree maybe I will put up a post featuring some of her best looks. Tell me what you think Shannon :)

Ok, as I said this post is being written on Thursday before I leave for the cabin, and now I need to pack! We are leaving in about an hour and I'm still in pajamas, it's an issue. So, I hope that you all had a lovely New Year's Eve (I hope that I did - or do? this whole scheduling posts things mixes up my verb tenses - too). Cheers!

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