Monday, January 24, 2011

oh mondays

Mondays are suchhhh difficult days, wouldn't you agree? Having to go back to getting up at a regular time after the sleep-until-whenever weekends never seems to sit well with me. When I got back from singing at mass last night at 10:30, Jackie was already asleep. So, since I couldn't get my Internet to work and technically had finished all my homework for today, I went to bed too. And when I got up at 8:15 to get ready for philosophy, I was still tired. 9 hours of sleep. How much better can you get than that? Silly sleep patterns, trying to mess up my life

 vintage necklace
target sweater
 target skirt
hue tights
jcrew flats

I've decided that this skirt is my catholic-schoolgirl replacement skirt. It's pleated and flippy and I like it. Makes me feel like I'm back in my uniform, but in the best sense possible, you know?

I feel like I write too much in these posts (like waaaayy more than the average reader wants to know about my life) so I've decided to cut back a bit. Things that were exciting/good about this day
1) done with class at 12. Granted I had 3 classes already by that point, but still pretty awesome
2) went grocery shopping (well, kind of. it was at the student convenience store thing-ey ^^) and got cookie dough and ramen. yum.

And a not-so-good thing:
1) had a housing information session for next year, where I discovered that the likelihood of me getting an apartment next year is quite slim. Which means that, considering I currently live in the quite-large handicapped room, I will most likely end up in a smaller room my sophmore year than freshman year. ugh.

That is my day! I've finished my homework, so now I plan to eat some cookie dough and watch some trashy tv. Have a good monday night :)


  1. cookie dough ben&jerry? It's one of my favourites! :) and nice skirt!


  2. Hello

    I love you necklace. I like the skirt too. Nice pictures!

    kisses from Brazil*

  3. ah no! i love how you give so much detail on your blog, i want to go to georgetown & your blog gives such a cool way to see what life is like for a gtown student!
    good luck with housing next year!
    xx nikita


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