Tuesday, January 18, 2011

no time

Actually, this title is the exact opposite of my day. But I was just browsing facebook when I saw that a member of the choir I used to belong to mentioning a song she had just listened to by a choir that we had met while on tour in Oregon a few years ago - It's called "No Time" (like the title of this post), by Spivey Children's Chorus, look it up on Youtube. It's probably my favorite song done by another choir over the years I spent going to choir concerts and festivals with my choir. It really is quite beautiful.

Now, on to my outfit. I think it's kind of a repeat of a post I did before break (the dog days are over), but with a slightly different blue button-down. Its my new one from Loft, and it's not as denim-looking as the other one, or as oversized. I might like the other outfit more, looking back. But oh well, this seemed right for today.

sweater knit by Grandma Bev
Loft buttondown
jcrew pants
Star Ling boots

No, I cannot have two days of normal pictures in a row. After yesterday's successful (and if I dare say so myself, kind of attractive? ^^) photos, today's were crazy-eyed and a bit awkward. I think it was the strobe-light flashes. They were really out in full force today, basically every photo. I don't know what makes it decide to do the crazy-flash as opposed to the normal single flash, but it can get a bit painful.

So I said that I would describe my day yesterday in today's post. Nothing interesting really happened yesterday, except that I went to Chinatown to have dinner at Chipotle with my friend from home, Colleen (you remember her, right? We hang out pretty often, so you must hear my descriptions of her fairly often...). She wanted me to come out to her Chipotle (or Chippies, as we - and my dad - call it), and I wanted her to come to mine. So we decided to meet in the middle and call it even. And it was a slightly sketchy evening! First of all I got there a lot earlier and managed to get us a table, as it was a bit crowded at the time. When she got there I left my coat on the table to keep it while we were in line - and when we got back, someone was sitting there! It was extremely awkward, but since other tables were open at that point, we just moved to another one. But that involved me brushing past the line, at which point I accidentally bumped my purse against a different guy, who pretended that I had seriously wounded him as a joke. It was a bit awkward. Then, as we were eating our chicken quesadillas (not technically on the menu, but they will make you one if you ask. It's pretty awesome), some guy asked us what we were eating. He later sat by us after ordering one and asked if you cut it with silverware or if you just pick it up to eat. Good times at Chippies...

Honestly, today was also pretty uneventful. I ended up not having to babysit, so instead I've been watching too many episodes of Greek, which I just started watching from the beginning for the first time because I ran out of other shows and heard it was good. It's awesome. Kind of in love. Yeah... later tonight I'm going to the gym, which I haven't done since getting back and is therefore quite a good idea I think. Oh, and classes were delayed this morning! I mean, not for me, but for lots of other people - because of all the ice we got last night, all classes before 10am were canceled. My first one was at 10:15 - couldn't it have started a bit earlier, and then subsequently be canceled? Oh well, such is life. 

Hope you are all having a lovely day back at school after the long weekend. I know it's hard, but think about it this way - only 3 more days of school until the weekend! Have a lovely evening :)


  1. this is the first time i am visiting ur blog.. ur style simple but chic like it. love ur booth :D

  2. Cute outfit. I love yo boots!!


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