Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new (old) dress

So this is the dress that I got a while ago but it was too big, and I just sent it into the tailors to get taken in. Only one problem: they didn't put on a hook and eye, so when I breathe, it unzips itself. Awesome, right? I had to safetypin it today just to go out walking. Not sure what I'm going to do about it in the long run though...

vintage necklace, dress, and bag
belt from some other dress?
born sandals

 I am a fan of the dress though. As I said earlier, I decided to keep it on the longer side (for me) and I think it turned out well! Add a blazer or cardigan and some closed-toed shoes, I could probably wear it to work, church etc. The pattern is just so cute, and I love the silk-ish fabric! Glad I finally got it tailored. Now if only I could breathe in it without a safety pin holding me in...

I am so in love with my new bag! I found it at a consignment store up near my friend's cabin last weekend, so glad the weather was sketchy in the morning and made us go into town! It's an old coach, one of those satchel shapes that I just can't resist. And it's a little roomier than my others, so basically a perfect addition!

So today Natalie, my mom, and our friends Izzie and Elizabeth went to afternoon tea! Well, it wasn't technically noon when we went, so mid-morning tea? Whatever. It was sooo yummy, we had soup and sandwiches, scones and mini desserts. I was stuffed aftwerwards. Not stuffed enough to resist stopping at Chipotle and getting chips and guacamole when Elizabeth and I were walking around about an hour later, but can you blame me? Those chips are good! Just the hit of saltiness that I needed. And, may I add, I looked adorable! I wore that vintage floral dress I got a few weeks ago, but instead of hiking it up around my knees I added wedges and wore it long! When you added the little hats they gave us at the tea room, it looked quite cute. Here's a little teaser of that outfit:

And as you may be thinking to yourself, "Alison said she would be doing a giveaway but hasn't said anything about it, is she still?" - the answer is yes. Why haven't I gotten around to it yet? I really don't know. Laziness, perhaps? Or forgetfullness? We all have our faults... Good night :)


  1. Haha your dress will survive!
    Love your bag :)

  2. Great look! Love the dress and bag!


  3. That dress is absolutely divine, and you styled it to perfection :D Maybe you could add a button or something up top to stop it from opening? it would be a shame if this went unused because of something like that!

    xxx Irinja (

  4. Lovely post.

  5. Love it! I like the belt around it too!

    xx THE CHEAP

  6. just came across to you blog, and you look great with you cute dress! and btw, love the name of your blog!!!

    xo, AIR

  7. Cute photos <3

  8. Cute print on the dress! Hope you can find a way to salvage it so you don't expose yourself!

  9. Thanks for your comment! You have a good style and you're so cute!

  10. this post is really amazing dear i loved everything about your blog so you have a new follower!this dress is marvelous and looks stunning on you!!support me back kisses :)


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