Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cheap skirt

Guess who found her second $0.97 piece of clothing in the Old Navy clearance section? This girl right here. Sale ninja. And this time, I even got to use my employee discount, so it was only $0.87! Pretty excited. Bad news though - Tuesday was my last day, and said that it is just easiest for them to just end my summer employment now and rehire over the holidays - a.k.a. my employee discount is gone. Sadness. I was sooo looking forward to 50% off at Gap to get new school clothes this fall! Like I actually need any? In all honesty, this may actually be good for me...

gap tank
old navy skirt
born sandals

 When Natalie saw the skirt in my shopping bag, she was like, "Did you buy a pair of men's boxers? I mean, I know you like menswear but..." Yes, the pattern is slightly boxer-like. But it's so cute, with the little pockets and button detail! And for 87 cents, why not?

Today we went downtown to try out the food trucks! I am such a fan of this idea - good food places get vans to drive around cities and hand out yummy street food and good prices! So mom, Natalie, and I each picked a line to stand in (they can get a bit long) and picked a bunch of food to share. Plus, I got mini donuts. Needless to say it was a pretty yummy lunch!

Ok, now I'm going to end this post, since Ashley and I are watching House Bunny and it's kind of hard to focus! Hilarious movie... have a good night :)

 But one more thing - I'm sad to say that our winner Carrie didn't respond to the post in time, so I've picked a new winner! So Leah, from "We are okay..." comment on this post and the prize is yours! Hope this one works out!


  1. Cute skirt! Love the image with the wind blowing in your hair, hot!!


  2. Love this skirt :) Thanks for comment on my blog :*

  3. I love this skirt, it's very nice and with this simple white t-shirt looks great! I'm happy that you like our post, come to us one more time we write in english so you can follow our blog :) I will be here very often <3

  4. lovely outfit! <3

  5. hey gorgoeus!this skirt is so cute!!!thanks for your sweet comment and hope u'll visit me more often!xxxx

  6. Oh my gosh! I hope I'm not commenting too late!!! I never win anything!!!


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