Sunday, August 14, 2011

work work work

Unlike the title of this post, GIVEAWAYS aren't any work at all! All you do is follow me (which you'd do anyways, right? I thought so) and comment on that post - click on that little link there and you're on your way.

old navy tshirt and pants
thrifted necklace and belt
toms shoes

One of my favorite little necklace-charms. Doesn't it kind of give everything a vintagey feel? I think it's the brassiness of it... And of course, below is my favorite brown leather belt. And as my new favorite, extra cheap pants seem to have a bit too much stretch in them, it is much needed.

Worked my first 8 hour shift today! Can't say it was super exciting, especially since I had to get there at 7:30 am (a.k.a. over 3 hours before we even open) but it was a good experience, which I suppose is good since I get to repeat it on Wednesday (and Saturday...). The only unfortunate thing about today's shift was the fact that for most of it I had to be a greeter. You know, that person who stands at the front of the store and welcomes you and talks up store promotions to you? Yeah, that was me. And I am now convinced that is where they put sales associates to punish them. Or to die, I don't know which. Regardless, having to welcome every single person that came through our doors, as well as try to spit out my spiel in the 10 seconds during which they absentmindedly passed me by, looking vaguely annoyed at my presence, was not the best experience in my life. Make me denim expert again please? That I was good at. Oh well, tomorrow and Tuesday is back to interning, should be a chill couple of days. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Great outfit , i love the trousers !!

  2. what a great color combo! Impressive night shots!
    style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

  3. your necklace is really cute!!


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