Monday, August 8, 2011

cheapest pants ever

Before I get into the insane cheapness of these pants, don't forget about my GIVEAWAY! You know the drill, click on that little link there.

So, guess how much I paid for these pants. I'm going to go ahead an guess your guess wasn't low enough - $0.97! Perhaps I've inherited some of my mother's sale ninja skills after all? 

vintage necklace
loft button down
old navy pants
h&m flats

 Now, I'm sure you're all saying, "Well, she works at Old Navy, so of course she got those pants on a good sale! Not a sale ninja at all..." - however, you would be wrong. Not about the me working at Old Navy part, but the me getting a discount on the pants due to me status as an employee. Long story short, the manager was acting like a small child and insisted that not only can I not use my discount without an employee card, but I should also go tell my manager (who told me I could) that she was wrong. Let's just forget I already used my discount at a Banana Republic and they were perfectly fine with it? Whatever. I'm going back to my store to return the shoes (a great pair of fall brown wedges) and buy them with my discount. So there.

My poor shoes, falling apart, working so hard. And my toes aren't even showing today, even though my nails are nice now, unlike here - wait, why am I showing that?! Slightly embarrassing picture to post as a fashion blogger. I promise to be better groomed from now on... On another note, doesn't my necklace look like a bejeweled pringle? That's what I see every time I look at it. And I love it! Probably my new favorite pendant, another little gift from my Grandma down in Iowa. Aren't grandmas just a treasure trove for interesting things? Love you grandma

Today was another day at the office (Minnesota International Center, to be specific), nothing particularly eventful. Except me forgetting a fiber bar. You may think that sounds silly, but it was intense! I'm there for 5 hours so I eat breakfast in the morning and a late lunch when I get home, then bring a snack to tide me over in the middle. Add that to the traffic on the way home, and I was pretty much hysterical. It was a bit embarrassing, to be honest. But since then I've gotten some peanut butter toast into my system, so I'm doing ok. No worries. Hope you all had a lovely Monday!


  1. Hooray for the Bejeweled Pringle!!! lovely as always!

  2. Love the necklace!!!!

  3. This is so cute. Love the shirt :)


  4. Hi !
    i love your necklace, it's amazing !

  5. haha my ballet flats look EXACTLY the same, can't do anything about it !


  6. ohh wow what a great deal you got on those pants! and the necklace is really pretty too!

  7. The pant is a score!
    You styled this look down to perfect!

    Thanks for taking time and commenting on my blog! :)
    Come back to see more :)

  8. Effortless yet stylish. You do it well :)
    I'm now following you so would love it if you followed me back !

  9. wow i adore your style! that necklace is so beautiful. yum peanut butter ;)

    i just found your blog btw, i'm hooked! you have a new follower :) can't wait for more posts!



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