Thursday, August 25, 2011

packing is hard.

Sooo, ummmm, I leave for school in 2 days? And I just started packing? And my parents are only giving me 3 bags? No, I don't know where all my clothing is going to go either. This should probably tell me something about the size of my wardrobe? But I'm going to ignore that something. Instead, I'll show you the clothing mountain: 

Oh, and all the jewelry I have to go through. Note: we aren't even looking at my jewelry box here. Just all the jewelry strewn across the top of my dresser. Yes I know, problems. Where is this all going to go in my dorm room, you ask? I honestly don't know...

james perse tshirt
charlotte russe shorts
old navy cuff
minnetonka moccasins

Note: Today is one of those days where I apparently don't smile in any photos. Mostly because I looked really unattractive in all smiling photos. Also note: apparently I'm giving lots of notes in this post. Regardless, isn't my new bracelet sparkly?! I'm kind of in love (see detail shot below), despite it kind of getting in the way of me packing - which happens to be my general gripe with bracelets, but whatever, I'm over that now. Oh, and can we also note how happy I am to have a pair of brown moccasins again? Seriously. Missed them so much.

Funny story about this shirt. It being so oversized and everything, there is no bending over while wearing it. Unless you want to flash everyone your leopard-print bra? I for one really don't. As you can see, we are getting close in this photo. But not quite. And, you can almost see, even though I cut off the top of my head, I'm smiling. Wait, how many commas did I just use in that sentence? Wow. I'm not even going to delete that, it's such a good example of my grammar issues! Clearly packing is putting me off on some weird tangents, so I'm just going to be done typing now!

Oh, and one other note. We have a bit of a problem here. Apparently no one who signed up for my giveaway actually feels like receiving free stuff? Awkward. So, new rule: first person (who actually signed up for the giveaway while it was still open) to comment on this post gets the prize! And if no one does, then I guess I'll just keep it? I know, that seems like a bit of a cop out, but what to do? As I said, awkward. That's all. Have a lovely night :)


  1. omg sooooo funny im the same way packing is always the most stressful thing in the world. love your moccasins. i'm a new follower...follow back if you want

    xo kait

  2. yikes 3 bags...good luck!!

    just try to "roll" everything

  3. oh god, packing is not my friend,
    love your moccasins :)

    xo Camilla

  4. i love your writing so much, i really enjoyed reading it all! i really like the pictures you took, just like you, sometimes i really feel like don't smiling while taking pictures haha!

    and that bracelet is sparkly!

    jos xx

  5. I've always wanted a pair of moccasins like yours- so pretty!

  6. I'm so sorry!!! I've been packing and then flying! Going to school too so my room looked quite similar to yours for awhile! Am I too late?


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