Saturday, August 6, 2011

cedar ridge post 1

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So yesterday I made the hour-long trek west out to Jordan, to see my lovely friend Mckenna at her barn! Since equestrian fashion is always in, (kind of a classic, don't you think?) she came up with the idea for me to come take pictures of her on her horse and with some of her fun equestrian gear - like the things stores come out with, but real. But first, before I left she changed into her awesome new maxidress and the two of us took some photos out in the pastures with the lovely horses, and they turned out so well I just can't resist sharing them! So here you go, cedar ridge post 1 (there's kind of a lot more to come?)

Ponies! These are the lesson horses that we had to fly-spray (or rather, Mckenna and her sister fly-sprayed, while I held the gate closed, to the annoyance of the big one, BG ^^). Thank you to all three of them for so willingly participating in our photo shoot, even though we had nothing to feed them. Sigh. I should have brought carrots! Or McDonalds? That's what Mckenna's horse prefers. Just like it's owner.

Honestly don't know where the maxidress is from, I'm thinking Delia's but I may also have just made that up. I'm sure Mckenna will tell me when she reads this. And the boots, while bedazzled and orange, are real Western boots! Yay for authenticity

Isn't she pretty? I'm absolutely loving the print of this dress, the colors and flowers are just gorgeous! And the crochet details fit it perfectly

zara tshirt
vintage necklace
martin&osa shorts
frye boots

And here's me, being all barn-appropriate. Or maybe that's just in my head? Here's my thought-process: We're going to a barn. That means I should wear boots right? Boots, check. And maybe some denim? I can do that... I'm awesome, right?

Aren't we adorable? And of course below is the picture of the all-important boots, Mckenna's real, and mine what she calls "motorcycle boots almost trying to be cowboy boots" - kind of fair, since Frye mostly makes cowboy boots, so these could be influenced by that. Aren't they gorgeous though? They are my birthday present from my Grandma, and I had to search all. over. for them! Seriously though, only one store in the entire Twin Cities carries this specific boot in store. But I found them, and I love them! Despite how difficult they are to get on and off. Such is life

So there you go! The first of probably a few posts based around my afternoon at Cedar Ridge, since I have horse-riding/modeling shots to share, as well as this adorable little cafe we got lunch in that had the best strawberry-rhubarb pie. Yum. So if you aren't already a little stressed by my inundating you with oodles and oodles of photos, don't worry. More is coming.

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  1. she got it in a store up by the cabin. this post is too cute btw. you should have ponies at your party alison

  2. both boots look fantastic.

  3. Great photos!i love that you 2 are wearing boots! I scanned your OTD posts and I like your style. Following you now! I hope you can follow me back and we can be blogger friends.;)Great photos!i love that you 2 are wearing boots! I scanned your OTD posts and I like your style. Following you now! I hope you can follow me back and we can be blogger friends.;)

  4. Beautiful pictures!You, guys, look great!

  5. Cute dress! I like your blog. Follow mine?

    Comment on any one of my posts to let me know that you followed, and I'll follow you back 100% =)

  6. Beautiful dress! Pics are gorgeous!


  7. I love your dress!! So cute>!! Where did you get it from and where is Goergewtown in Virginia?

    PS: I started another new Blog besides with a good friend. And we just started a huge Give-Away with several goodiebags from the fashion week so maybe you wanna check it out ;)

    -Letters tO VoguE-



  8. I envy you both so much! I love horses!!!


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