Wednesday, August 10, 2011

birthday dress

GIVEAWAY. I've run out of witty precursor things to say about it, so there. Enter if you feel so moved.

So, I said this dress is my birthday dress, and that's not because today is my birthday (that would be tomorrow) or because I got this dress for my birthday (I think I got it sometime last year?) but for some reason, I always seem to wear it on birthday-related occasions! I mean, I've probably worn it about 6 times in the past year, maybe less, and twice has been either on my birthday or on the day of my birthday party. Weird, huh? Just something Natalie pointed out to me, she clearly has a better memory than I do

urban outfitters dress
coach satchel
born sandals
nordstrom rhinestone bracelet
other bracelets gifts

Pretty fun dress, don't you think? I love the colors (me? color?), and the tribal print is cool and on-trend for the moment. If I recall correctly, I got it last summer at Urban on a good sale - I wish I could shop at Urban more, but honestly it's a bit expensive for their quality, don't you think? Oh, and you get one picture below with my satchel, because I love it so much.

Here I have my own mini arm party ( a la Man Repeller - if you don't read her already, go do that now. She is actually hilarious). Normally I don't wear bracelets - they are actually probably my least favorite type of jewelry, don't really know why, but sometimes I just feel like throwing one on! Or several, as evidenced by this photo. I think this is how I will wear bracelets from now on. In multiples.

So maybe you're wondering why I'm celebrating today when I just said my birthday is tomorrow - or more likely, you don't think that much into detail about my life. Actually, that's probably a lot more likely. Well, regardless of your ambivalence towards my life, I'm going to tell you! The reason is I have to work tomorrow. Ugh. Really, Old Navy? You give me zero shifts last week, then decided to schedule me 6:15 - 11:00pm on my birthday and for 8:00 am the morning after. Cool, thanks. Well, there's my rant on the woes of working. That's all.

 p.s. I just noticed that I now have 100 followers via Google Friend Connect, and I just wanted to give another shout-out to all my readers, love you all xx


  1. You look very pretty =)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    And you are looking fabulous in this dress! I can see why you wear it on special occasions like birthdays. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  3. awh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
    you look so cute! Love the dress.

    I'm having a Feather Earrings Giveaway. Come and join it. :D
    Feather Earrings Giveaway!


  4. Cool outfit!! I totally love that dress!! The pattern's amazing!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Your dress is adorable and you look great!

  6. super love the dress!

  7. wowsa so digging on that dress :)


  8. thank for the comment! it sucks you have t work on your birthday, great outfit love the dress and everything you've paired it with x

  9. Cute dress! Looks so comfy and perfect for summer. Happy birthday!

  10. Gorgeous print on your dress. How annoying of your work to give you horrible shifts during and after your birthday. Just celebrate for the rest of the week! xx


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