Saturday, August 13, 2011

free people

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY! Because who doesn't love free things? On the subject of "free" we at my house just got the Free People August Catalog, and I'm loving their style for the fall - gorgeous hair, lace details, and floppy hats galore! Enjoy...

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Gorgeous right? Too bad it's all so dang expensive... I'm especially loving the lace bloomers in this last photo, even though I'd have no where to wear them. No, I don't take tea on my patio in lace bloomers. How about you? Didn't think so... the things I'll be taking away from this catalog though are a need for lace and crochet, as well as a hankering (great word, right?) to make my hair more voluminous (don't all the models have such nice hair? If only.. well, Mckenna just gave me an Aveda Volumizing Tonic for my birthday, I'll let you know how that works out). 

Guess who's working starting at 7:30 am tomorrow morning? Me! And I am oh-so-excited, just tickled pink. Except not at all. Well, that's a lie. I'm excited for my paycheck. And actually, today was a pretty fun day at Old Navy! I got to try on all the styles of jeans and be our resident denim expert. So, direct any of your Old Navy jeans-related questions to this girl right here. Have a good night :)


  1. I pretty much fall for anything that has lace or crochet! I love floppy hats too only where do you wear them really? It's a pity there no Penneys in America (not JC Penneys by the way). Everything is so cheap, and so stylish there. I'm going to miss it when head over to the States! It's kind of a college students go-to. If your ever in Ireland or the UK check it out. Thanks for the post!

  2. Gorgeous photos - the free people catalogues always have such beautiful people modelling their amazing clothes, dreamy feel <3

  3. Amazing pictures!, i love crochet!

  4. yes the clothes are gorgeous and the models are gorgeous also! I haven't heard of Old Navy but it sounds like a nice place to work if you're surrounded by clothes....Love your blog <3


  5. I love the lace, and the wavy hair.
    I wish i could get my hair to look that effortlessly beautiful!


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