Tuesday, August 9, 2011


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And what does the title of this post refer to you ask? The yumminess of the shoes you are about to see...

all shoes/pictures from asos.com

So, my outfit for the internship was a little boring today, and after reading Seventeen magazine this afternoon (yes, I am over 17 years of age. I still enjoy it) and seeing these killer pair of heels from ASOS, I thought I should go take a look at their collection! And even though I couldn't find the exact pair I saw, I found some equally cool pairs of shoes - basically, what I would buy if I wanted to buy new fall shoes and had no budget. I mean, actually, they aren't that expensive, I just don't really have any money to spend... the woes of a college student. Can't really pick a favorite of any of them! I love boots, which makes me lean toward the hiking pair, but the burgundy pair of the heels is so pretty... and the wedges are so chunkily amazing (is chunkily a word? kind of sounds gross, to be honest). And I've been thinking I need a pair of brogues forever. So there you go! What shoes are you craving for this fall?


  1. wow those aldo shoes are amazing love them!! Where do you get these does aldo have an own store in the states?we dont have it here in germany :(



  2. WOW,your selection is simply amazing!!!Ilove them all, I need them all!

  3. I love the oxfords and the boots third down. I'm really glad I started following you, I'm starting college soon, so I could really do with some tips on staying stylish on a budget! I think amazingly chunky would have served better, but I make up words all the time too, so how bad!

  4. Love the red pair most definitely!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking closet camaraderie

  5. I love that magazine and your blog! I'm your new follower please follow back so we can keep in touch :)


  6. I want a pair of loafer heels! I love shoes, thanks for sharing :) and my lovely comment.


  7. great picks :)



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