Thursday, August 18, 2011

family photo time

So... considering that I'm going home kind of soon, I will most likely be ending my GIVEAWAY within this next week! Sign up while you can...

This  morning was Natalie's senior pictures! Which means she is going to be a senior this year, which is totally unacceptable, but I suppose there's not much I can do about that... regardless, before the picture-taking of her started, we had a little family photo-shoot! Wish I could show you the results, but alas the photographer says we probably won't get them for a few weeks. Regardless, here was the outfit I was taken, with pictures taken by yourself truly! A.k.a. they're not as good as the professional ones are going to be...

necklace from Greece
old navy tank
j brand cords
born sandals

Just got this shirt yesterday after my shift! So basically I'm doing exactly what they want me to do and putting my paycheck right back into their store. Regardless I'm loving the color, and the little lace detail! And it looks lovely with my new cords. One problem: the cords are reallly low-rise, and when you're working the denim wall (a.k.a. expected to bend over to find things and such), things can get sketchy. So, not to self: don't wear low-rise pants when you're constantly needed to bend over. Oh, and I've managed to stretch out the straps on my sandals so much from pulling them on that they basically don't stay on my ankles anymore. So basically I'm a mess.

We just got back from dinner at Black Sheep Pizza, and it was quite yummy. We always get a large assortment of salads and vegetables to start to share, it's my favorite! I eat too much pizza. It's a problem... And now we're about to engage in some ubercompetitive friendly card playing. Have a good night!


  1. I also have the problem of overindulging on pizza. How can we not?? Let's just believe it's good for us ! xx

  2. Beautiful necklace, i love it !!

  3. Nice outfit. Love your necklace =)


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