Friday, July 8, 2011

what I want now

So, I don't really feel like putting up an outfit post today. Instead, I'm sharing an item of clothing that I really want right now. If only I had a summer job, I'd probably buy it! But as for now, I've spent way to much money this summer to be shopping anymore (if I say that enough, maybe I'll stick to it?)

Ok, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the photo they have of it (at least for the color I really want, a.k.a. lagoon) but I wanted to show it to you in all it's seafoam-green beauty. Like actually, I just want a shirt that is this color so badly, ever since I tried one on at J.Crew last month (fabric-wise that shirt wasn't quite right, but the color is just divine) . It just feels so fresh and springy (I know, currently we're in summer, but you get what I mean. And for once I want to wear color, so this is pretty new and exciting).

To get an idea of the shirt sans aggravatingly angled photo, here is the shirt in a couple other (still gorgeous!) colors:

american apparel oversized chiffon button-up, $58, colors (top to bottom) lagoon, port, and bone.

Today has been a pretty chill day so far, had pilates in the morning and in the afternoon I just got home from orientation for my internship! For the rest of the summer (only 10 hours a week unpaid but still, it's good experience and something really fun to do with myself!) I will be interning in the International Visitor Leadership Program part of the Minnesota International Center! Basically I help them with office tasks and with proposing and coordinating programs where international professionals come to the United States. It sounds like a lot of fun and can't wait to start. But as for the rest of today, I think I'm going to go over to my friend Mckenna's house and just chill, maybe grab some dinner, we shall see. Hope your Friday is going well and that you have a lovely weekend! xo


  1. I'm in the same boat as you! I didn't get hired anywhere this summer so no job = no money = no more shopping this summer. Sigh.... lol :)


  2. I picked up a similar top (but in blue) at H&M...I think on sale. Don't blame you for covering that's fabulous!

  3. i love it, its so cute n sheer, sexy stylish for the office! I love your blog! Now following you!


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