Thursday, July 7, 2011

entirely new

So, as I said in my last post, Jenny and I spent yesterday afternoon in the mall and I picked up a few new pieces. And I thought to myself this morning, why not wear them all at once? I know, kind of silly, but I get kind of excited when I buy new clothes. 

loft button down
vintage necklace
charlotte russe shorts
toms shoes

Silly light in this picture, can't see my necklace - well, it's not one of my new pieces (one of my vintage favorites from Grandma Linda), and I have a detail shot of it farther down. Got Natalie to quickly take some pictures for me (in the backyard, not the alley, since apparently it's been quite bothersome to her that I only take pictures there ^^) before she heads back up to the cabin for a few more days, so I'm going to be quite alone! Aunt Lori is still here with me thankfully, but she's gone most of the days, leaving me the dog and a few cats for company. It's quite sad, and leaves me prone to wasting my time watching TV and reading magazines...

I'm so happy that I bought myself a pair of Toms! I'd been wanting to for awhile but had never gotten around to it. Spending money on shoes has always stressed me out, don't really know why since I've obviously spent more on a shopping trip than the price of those shoes, and it's not like I buy really buy expensive shoes either... some sort of mental block I suppose. Will probably serve me well when I'm older, stop me from spending my savings on Louboutins or something... Regardless, the fact that a child in need gets a pair of shoes because of my purchase definitely helped overcome my qualms. And they're so comfy! Definitely a good purchase

Spent the morning doing garden work then walked up to my eye doctor to fix up my glasses (they have been bothering me forever. They slide down my nose every two seconds! It was the bane of my existence when I was on crutches...) and a fun new pair of sunglasses that Jenny gave me! Since I lost my wayfarers last year on that eventful trip to NYC (if you're new to my blog, feel free to read about it here), I've reallyyy been wanting a new pair but not willing to shell out the money for them again. When I got home for the summer, Jenny remembered that her mom had an old pair (from the 80's I believe?) and brought them over for me! They were wayyy to big for my face so I had to fix them (hence the trip to the eye doctor) but now they fit and are quite fun! They're your typical pair of wayfarers but the top piece is this really cool blue - a bit out there for me, but super fun nonetheless. 

That's all for my day. Plan to stay home and catch up on So You Think You Can Dance tonight, should be good. Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Great summer/casual look! Love the shoes!

  2. Thanks for your comment but I speak very bad english so I will talk english :) "J'AIME" your look and your shoes ! I have a good a corect english ? HAHA Kiss :)

  3. great shoes

    x Camilla

  4. I really love your outfit, this kind of shoes are very famous in France, we can see it everywhere this summer ;)

    xox, M.

  5. lovely blog!

    ♥ charmel

  6. love the look, summery casual and very girly!!!

  7. Ah this outfit is so nice ! I love those shorts :D ! But I still can't figure out why everyone is wearing those shoes :p ...

  8. You look so cool and summery! I love the color of the shirt, and your Toms shoes are awesome.

  9. You look lovely! That is a great necklace x

  10. I love this outfit! It's so casual and cute - perfect for summer!

    xo katie elizabeth


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