Wednesday, July 20, 2011

flower power

each flower
So, I didn't really feel like posting an outfit post today. With the heat index it was 107 degrees, so I was in a really small sundress (a.k.a my go-to when I want as little clothing as is socially acceptable - not like that is much of a restriction these days - in order to keep myself from dying of heat stroke), and one that I've worn many times before the exact same way - as seen here (minus the straw hat since that sadly didn't make the trip to college too well). But I was just thinking how I want to wear my 70's floral dress - you know the one I wore to the Taylor Swift concert, as shown here - but with all the extra fabric, it technically being long-sleeved and calf-length and all, I didn't think that would work out so well. So in my day's boredom I decided to make a slightly hippie-inspired collage instead! Enjoy

Oh, and exciting news! Made my first purchase using my employee discount at Banana Republic (as an employee at Old Navy I get discounts at all three of Gap Inc's major brands, oh yes) and it's so pretty! I'm not sharing what it is yet but hopefully I will get a post of it soon (hint: it's not really weather-appropriate currently, so you won't be seeing it in any outfit posts anytime soon. But it is, on the other hand, very appropriate for where I will be heading back to college in the fall). Now it seems making practically minimum-wage and  working weekend shifts looks more bearable! Bedtime for me, good night!


  1. wow love this dress!!! where can i get it???


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